Ghost Kings Help

I’m a level 52 siren and just finished the story mode of the main game so i’m trying to run through and get all the best mission rewards like the swordsplosion before heading to UVHM. I got to the ghost kings mission but I just can’t make it past them. What are the best weapons to use and are there any mission rewards I haven’t gotten yet that will make them easier? obviously theyre resistant to everything except explosion and the swordsplosion would be great for this but I’m not sure of any better weapons. thanks!

A Ravager is usefull, and a DPUH is very usefull. A Nukem is completely useful, and dual norfleets is terminally usefull.

This is probably too late for you, but whenever I’m about to start on UVHM I like to stay as close to lvl 50 as possible, so the enemies don’t outclass your gear right off the bat. Happened to me a few times when I was doing exactly what you are here. Undergeared for Flynt is rough.

TL;DR When going into UVHM try and be at the same level as your best gear from the previous playthrough.

If I’m wrong, please gently chide me.