Ghosts and leveling are not fun


I have continued to level my 3rd character in this lovely game and I have to tell you, this event is killing any enjoyment I was having with my siren.

I think ghosts should not be active while leveling unless you accept the mission. I have no interest in obtaining any of the event related legendary items until I’m level 50, for obvious reasons. Yet I am overwhelmed with seeing ghosts repeatedly. They do not give you experience when you kill them. If you AOE down a mob, you get steamrolled with a large group that can overwhelm whatever build you have.

They do not belong in slaughter star 3000. I enjoy taking a break from the story line and play a couple rounds of slaughter star to level up mindlessly for a couple levels. God forbid you take down a sizeable chunk of enemies right when a new group spawns. Nullhounds + ghosts sub level 50 is pretty brutal.

I get that it’s part of the game. I know it’s possible to overcome them. In the end, it’s just not fun getting killed repeatedly by enemies that offer 0 progression toward leveling. It sucks getting forced to be apart of an event that you might not be prepared for. The ghosts have become such a center of attention that they take precedence over any other enemies and don’t allow you to enjoy the game without an annoying green border around the outside of my screen.

Events are supposed to be fun and engaging. Not annoying. I don’t see the replay value over the next 6 weeks.


Just adapt and use ONLY terror gear and it’ll be more fun for you and your character.

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I can’t say one has ever killed me, and an AoE grenade will kill them as well as the enemies they spawned from.

I do agree with this though, maybe they could make it something that only happens once you complete the story, or are level 50.

Nonsense. I haven’t changed my gear at all and the game isn’t any harder.

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The mostly junk weapons we get at lower levels aren’t killing the ghost skulls in time.
That BA skull is a pain unless you have the right gear at low levels.
Started a new Amara and the first missions with Maya were a nightmare compared to usual.


The idea of attempting to collect gear for a specific build while leveling is moot. In the last 10 levels, since the event, I have seen very few drops for terror and usually they are far weaker than what I currently have equipped. I’m not at endgame with my character.

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When I say getting killed by them, I meant them dropping my shields or health enough so other enemies finish you off. This happened a ton in slaughterstar and it is more of a nuke. It’s not impossible, but with the spawn rate it’s not fun. I should have been more specific. Also, if you’re looking for loot ghosts, run a couple rounds. I found 3-4 per round.

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Some lower lvl people might want to participate, so the mission should only be active after you talk to the dinosaur and accept the mission.

Agreed. My only issue with the event is that you can’t opt-out. I’m having fun with it on my two endgame characters but I don’t want to take part in it with the fresh FL4K I’d started a few days ago, I just want to play the normal vanilla campaign with that character.

It may be too late or too complicated for Gearbox to recode this event so you can opt out, but I hope they listen to this particular complaint so future events are opt-in.


I just hit level 50 on FL4K and I’d say 85-90 percent of the drops are terror related. Not sure if it’s due to reaching level 50 or not. I was going to start another character just to check anyway but scared to do it for fear of losing my FL4K.

They are a pain. I’ll have one put me in ffyl when I throw a grenade and one jumps in front of me from behind. I haven’t accepted the mission nor plan to, should be an option.


I agree with OP. It would have been nice to have the event somewhat “contained”. Maybe only affect a few non mandatory areas like Lectra city. Or just make ghosts an optional toggle in the menu. Maybe have a certain relic cause ghosts to spawn - something like that.

My main gripe with the skulls is how long they take to spawn after killing the guy who they “possess”. So everytime you kill anything you have to stand there for like 2 seconds - twiddle your thumbs - so you get to deal with the ghost immediately after the animation is over.

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I’m still on my first playthrough and it has definitely killed my enjoyment of the game. It should not have been a forced event.


Just play offline, no ghost and you can level easier.