Ghosts are annoying

So I mostly been trying to focus on leveling my Moze so my event loot will be max level (haven’t even attempted to play the event yet) . There is no way to progress through the campaign without every second or third guy shooting a skull that debuffs you and it’s really annoying.


You should shoot them.


Yes because It’s not like in borderlands you don’t already have enough to shoot at or anything. Half the time you kill something it comes back to haunt you and makes you weaker. Man what a fun concept really innovative


Its shouldnt be game breaking… but it would be nice if the world wasnt haunted until after you accept the mission from Maurice.


tell that to the people who have to reload after killing a dude, and the ghost hits them before reload, and if you back peddle to try and reload before it hits you, they disappear. so nope no kiting ghosts.

what? I’ve reloaded plenty after dropping a guy to shoot the ghost. I’ve backpedaled plenty while shooting ghosts.

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Yeah, there plenty time to reload or change weapon, just don;t use melee on them :slight_smile:
Also some ghosts can drop nice loot.

I get your point but I wasnt that annoyed by them. They are really slow moving and they drop extra loot / ammo / life from time to time. In Mayhem 3 its a bit harder but not that bad imho.

I actually feel exciting when I use SMG and starts recoiling crazy like a roller coaster. Kinda fun so I occasionally make it hit me. But yeah, can be annoying for others.

I dont believe it’s game breaking or overpowered whatsoever, it’s just further pushes inconsistent game play. It’s impossible not to get hit by a ghost when hopping out of iron bear, using any weapon up-close while mobbing and to a lesser extent using a sniper with a scope. While the debuffs are pretty insignificant I dont wanna game to punish for quite literally just playing the game. I honestly dont mind the mechanic all that much because it can be useful but why make it everywhere in the game for the entire event? Even if you could simply opt out of it ( like the mayhem levels).

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The debuff is kind of harsh. Getting Hit by two ghosts renders the hallwaler unuseable. Would be nice if they toned it down a little bit.

But Yea it would be very nice if haunted enemies only appeared after accepting the Mission from Maurice

This, and if they at least gave some points. A measley 10xp would be acceptable.