Ghosts be gone mega celebration thread! Come in!

Express your joy and excitement here!

It’s SO nice to be able to enjoy the game “as is” now. I know it seems a minor thing to some and even enjoyable to others but, well, those people are dumb(kidding all you leetz, I like terror mechanic too, just hate the goddamn ghosts).

I am aware that ‘hate’ is really a strong word. I have conditioned & taught myself to be conscious of language and the power of words.

I mean, alternatively, I could choose to say that I dislike the ghosts. Or I could even go as far to say that I detest the ghosts even.

But the truth is…and I want to be crystal clear about this:

I HATE the goddamned ghosts from the center if my very soul and deep down inside my bones even.

Praise cheebus if you like cheese and are happy for no more ghostestes.

Post up if you are overjoyed to once again fire up Borderlands 3 and try and fight thru this beautiful buggy mess again now that the ghosts are finally gone.

Note: Yes, I AM racist. Against ghosts.

Boo!!! Ya fookers!



I can’t wait for the ghosts to be done infesting the whole game world. But I will miss the event in general and especially Haunt and the terror drops.


wait - the awful awful Halloween event is over? I can actually play with hotfixes again?

Thats nice.

Please never do that again. Thank you.


“I ain’t afraid o’ no ghost”

But no, really, I’m so happy they’re gone tomorrow.


A breath of fresh air…those ghosts got old pretty fast. But you know, I think I’d be willing endure them some more if the loot ghosts stopped dropping the 3-4 same legendaries over and over. I hope the next events will be shorter.


Ghost is gone?? Gearbox ruined my life… i want them forever…

They will be replaced by Santa’s, Reindeer or maybe a nutcracker.


Randy Pitchfork!

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I don’t suppose anyone has a extra of the cloning or whatever the best type of Ghast Call grenade there is at 50 they can spare? And if so, could you send it to EricsonX on PSN? Since I have no more time to do heck runs or hope for loot ghosts.


It’s going to make some of the loot farms a lot easier not having to deal with the skulls on top of the normal mobs.


i’m looking forward to santa psychos for mercenary day.


Wait, @nat_zero_six, that’s it! Little baby Psycho Santa Randies running around to fight for Xmas!


They’re… too invasive to the regular game (especially for 42 days)? Like going forward (I imagine this isn’t the last we’ll see of this anointment), I’d prefer to only have ghosts about if we accept the mission from Maurice, which sort of turns it into a toggle. If we have no interest in dealing with ghosts and/or farming Haunt, don’t accept the mission, and no ghosts. If we like ghosts and/or want to have a go at Haunt; accept the mission. If you just want ghosts everywhere, leave the mission open. If not, farm them, turn them in to Maurice, and get after Haunt. Maybe Maurice gives you some goggles or something that lets you see them while the mission is live?

Will be a relief here shortly though.


Yes! ^^^

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All these folks counting chickens before they hatch lol… Honestly after the hot ‘fix’ to the butcher recoil I wouldn’t be surprised if they turn them off just to not implement it right and they still persist somewhere.


I am more afraid of the fact that once the ghosts are out of the picture, the drop quality might decrease

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Christ man! I’m getting ready to sleep, now I’ll have ■■■■■■■ nightmares for sure.

Haha that’s sounds about par for the course with Gearboxes performance lately.

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that random ass saurian rabbit thing in sanctuary are almost always haunted in my game. i wanna bet that it’s going to continue being haunted once this is over lol

oh, and yeah no more ghosts woooooooooooo :beers::clinking_glasses:

:notes:puts on ghostbusters theme on semi loud volume:notes:


We’ve basically had ghosts around for half of BL3’s lifetime. :ghost:

I for one will not miss badass ghosts slowing me down with their dumb cryo shot in the middle of an intense firefight I’m barely winning.




So long ghosts! So long terror builds!

I will miss Maurice…and his ghost goo…and his mind tounge. Can we keep him on the ship? Pretty please?

It would be funny to count up how much hecktoplasm you collected during the event lol. :blush::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::blush:

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