Ghosts from green hearts invincible?

Anyone else had this issue? I popped the “WrongEventError” heart to make the ghosts spawn. Once spawned I could not damage them and they flew off. Really frustrating especially how rare these hearts are. I’ve had this happen multiple times now.

They are not invincible in my case, but they are quite beefy, and don’t die easily. And yes, especially loot ghosts tend to be fickle and disappear rather quickly, while red ones go after you.


Were you using cryo against them? They were immune/resistant to cryo during the Halloween event so it wouldn’t surprise me if they were here too.

Could actually be a bug with the SNTNL Cryo anointment I use. It’s weird because I am able to kill them with a SNTNL Cryo weapon most of the times. I’ve had this problem happen like 3 times out of like 20-25 times I got a ghost heart.