Ghosts immune to cryo.... *sigh*

Why gearbox, why? You give us a character that is based around cryo, then bring out a funky new event, and make the enemies we need to access said event immune to our main damage source…
For the love of God, stop doing stupid ■■■■ like this, please…

(yes, I’m aware I can switch to a different element, but why oh why do developers not think of these things before they release content! The game is hard enough as Zane already ffs)


i mean, fire spiderants are immuned to fire, shock skags immuned to shock
also only one of zane’s trees is around cyro,

Yes, but why are ghosts immune to cryo? Your examples are kinda funny cos it’s not like they are “cryo” ghosts, if they were, I’d not even have mentioned it

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Ghosts are always associated with cold temperatures and temperature drops when supposedly ghosts are around. Dead bodies go cold when they are no longer living. Generally speaking it makes perfect sense that they would be immune to cryo.


so if they were just named differently we wouldnt be talking rn?

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Every one of Zane’s tree has multiple Cryo abilities.

outside of under cover, the his cyro skills are restricted to augments

Cryo, schmyo… the more important issue is whether ghosts take more damage from the E-gone. If not, they really should.


yeah they really should honestly

The whole idea that an entire enemy base… Two now, if you count annointed, are all immune to a element that they have based a character around is lame. Come on, that’s not hard to understand. Not all spiderants are fire spiderants. Not all ghosts or annointed should be immune to the element.


Why not? Just use a different element? Surely it is not that hard to do, also perhaps they should also be immune/resistant to plain normal gun damage too tbh, I mean you try and shoot a ghost in reality and it would just pass right through.

I think the important point is that it’s one of zane’s ONLY viable DPS builds. CCC infinite skills is the only way to get any raw, inherent damage buffs that actually stick instead of convoluted fluxes (like movement speed, shields, etc).

What zane needs is one of his skills to just be replaced. Swap out cold bore or the cryo nova skill with a 3-5 point skill. Zane’s weapons will ignore cryo res a certain% (maybe 12-15% at 5, 20% at 3) or split it into 5%ignore res, 3% cryo damage bonus and then double it or more with a kill skill buff (similar to the reload kill skill). Just something like that so this one giant set of skills isn’t conpletely useless late game because of purple bois, ESPECIALLY with M4 coming out eventually


I have literally already explained why not.

Honestly. The movement speed to damage is ridiculously good if you can handle it properly. Between a bunch of skill synergies he can actually hit triple damage, from my tests. It’s just a…I don’t wanna call it high skill. Because I’m not highly skilled, I’m just rather ridiculous and it suits me…but it’s a thing. Snowdrift for the win!

Anyways, question: when the ghosts die, do they crystalize and you have to melee them like anointeds?

As far as the speed tree, you’re right that OPTIMALLY it can do triple damage. The issue is that consistency. Ironically cryo also destroys zane if he’s running this build. On top of that snowdrift is hard to control and useless in tight spaces, so more often than not you’re just working with your walk, which even boosted by all the skills is eeeeeh. I’ve seen maybe a 30-50% optimal increase, which is nothig compared to other classes, especially with that boost being so fragile. Almost as fragile as you since you pretty much have to run RR infiltrator for max dps.

No clue about the ghosts tho

My build is a Bruise Your KneeCaps style build with lots of swapping and the clone and drone, trick of the light, and switching weapons based on what feels right. My favorite is the Hellwalker because it’s fun to slide shot that, but a Faisor shot gun mode is easiest to aim. My Maggie is suddenly one of my favorites to fire while sliding.

I’m very often doing as much slide shooting as possible. It’s something I really wanted an incentive to do in this game and now I have it.

I run Shockerator and a Frozen Heart for mobbing, and Infiltrator and Messy Break Ups (they shoot different elements based on their resistance!) for bossing, with an occasional…uh…the shield that fires a grenade on depletion…when I’m feeling frisky.

It’s not consistent, but I’m a fan of how the whole set up works.

Re: Ghosts: I ask because I think the reason Anointed are cryo immune is because the engine can’t handle giving them two separate “frozen” states with different rules?

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yep i got a mirv hex grenade and it splis into frost. if an enemy dies before it hits them,. it goes to the ghost and just is wasted.