Ghosts not being effected by link or Ricochet

dose anyone ells think its odd that the Ghosts from the bloody harvest are immune to Amaras Ties that bind Linked?

Along with ricochet bullets from none ghost enemies, never ricocheting to a ghost?

has anyone ells experienced the ghosts being immune to effects that work on all of the other enemies?

I play on PS4

Sometimes the arc from The Brainstormer can spread to them, but it’s not consistent.

It may be that they can’t be crit’d on. I’ve tested Fade Away with Fl4k on them and can’t crit them. So you can’t seem to ricochet off of them because no crit happens.

Brainstormer chain lightning also tends to ignore them if I dont fire at them directly (and then ignores other skulls)

i will update my post.
with the ricochet bullets its when i hit none ghost enemies the bullets never ricochet to them.

now that you mention brainstormed yes i have noticed the electrical links do not work on them.

also grenades and pets are ignoring them. it is probably intentional since they are easy to kill and they want us to feel the spook of them. if these are doesnt ignore them, they will be dead before you get to see them

yes you would probably never see them. that is a good point. would be nice if they where only immune to those effects for a few seconds. but it dose add some challenge to them.

if they dont even have a little challenge what would be the difference between them and carved pumpkins around the heck.

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I figured it’s because they’re ghosts. Like, only existing in our minds…

Apart from when we shoot them. But maybe that’s a hallucination too?


I may be over thinking this. But then again, am I? Or not? Maybe?

I know people have been talking about leveling with the event going on and not being to happy about the ghosts. having them be effected by such effects when lvling or playing on normal. would probably help with the experience. or maybe just be confusing when they are done lvling.

i dont like them either. but making them weaker is not the solution. they should lock the ghosts and event annointment with the mission activation. When you finish the mission for the first time you should cleanse the world from them. and if you want them, you can just reactivate the mission and let the ghosts haunt your world. 1,5 month for an event like this is not good for the newcomers or 2nd playtroughs as the game does not advertised like this.

if you play offline that deactivates the event. then you can not play with other people.