Ghosts not counting towards kill stacks

I realized that the ghosts are helping to get second wind but they do not count towards kill stacks of your skills.

Since these ghosts can kill us in certain situations it would make sense to also count them towards our stacking kills.


You also don’t earn XP for killing them which is weird.

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That is true as well. We should get at least a bit xp per ghost kill.

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They don’t award XP, and it seem that awarding XP is the trigger to kill skill

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haven’t played in a while because i’m grounded

Killing them also gives no overkill damage on the next shot. Tbh I’m getting tired of them and I hope Gearbox will make Bloody Harvest optional soon. I certainly don’t want to play it for 6 weeks.


I could see that a good reason not to have the ghosts give exp is that they would make anyone playing through story seriously out level the content more quickly than you already can. Although it would have been nice if it applied experience directly to the guardian rank bar.

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i mean even 1 xp should be appropriate. farming during events already helps leveling esp in the 1st PT esp since waiting to farm is useless since enemies and loot doesnt scale.

yes true.

On top of that if you don’t have the quest active you can’t even grab more ectoplasm for the next Haunt run

I haven’t been able to phasegrasp one, so I just assumed they were projectiles with health bars.

Weird, rakk attack works great on them and Phasecast doesn’t ignore them…

Not to mention badass and loot ghosts don’t behave like projectiles at all.

They behave similarly to some projectiles. Captain Traunt’s elemental projectiles come to mind.

Can’t you second wind off certain enemies projectiles? Another similarity the skulls share :thinking:

The first enemy that comes to my mind are the homing projectiles ultimate badass Varkids/Vermivorous launched at you in BL2. You could get a second wind from them.

hmm but the red ghosts are shooting projectiles at you. Which makes them more single entities