Gibbed and Modded items for Dummies (Don't be fooled by...)

If I’m not mistaken, they were given as loyalty rewards on the Handsome Collection. Look here: Loyalty Reward Customizations?. I’m just not sure if you have to transfer a save from a previous gen console to get them on the Handsome Collection or if just signing up to SHiFT would be enough. But yeah, I’d love to have them on the 360/PS3 too and they should be made available for PC players as well. So I’ll throw in my support for the idea of turning them into 3rd anniversary commemoratives.

I’d also like to throw out the use of the word ‘modded’ when discussing hacks, if only in this thread. Modding adds content- whether user-created maps (which don’t exist for BL2) or balanced items- none of the items in this thread qualify under these terms, so should really be called ‘hacked’. Compare them to the stuff created for BL1… I’ve always been confused as to why they got called ‘modded’ at all. This goes right back to BL1 days, and maybe this is a chance to set things straight. Better late than never?

Modded short for modified, not original to the game

Rather than pinning it, perhaps a short line or two by way of explanation and a link in the Lootology 101 sticky? Too many stickies in a category make a bit of a sticky mess…

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That’s an idea that might fly.

I concur that PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 players should have access to the loyalty rewards (with obvious exception of the GBX skins) given to players who purchased The Handsome Collection as a 3rd anniversary commemoration. A Shift code would suffice. After all, if it wasn’t for millions of sales of BL2 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 The Handsome Collection wouldn’t even exist. Perhaps @Psychichazard could invoke the power of the almighty Monocle and pass this suggestion onto the GBX team?

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I get that, but I feel that a hacked one-shot shouldn’t be categorised in the same way as a map, for example.

will do.

Interesting. I got the emerald ones from the St. Patrick’s promotion mentioned down that thread. It would still be nice to have an opportunity to obtain all the skins for those who either haven’t been able to migrate yet, weren’t able to transfer saves because of trading/changing platform, or who are new to the game.

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Maybe as a third anniversary celebration they could have the skins drop ala a new community day loot hunt?

I will add it to Lootology tomorrow. Saw this just as I was skimming before heading to bed, otherwise I’d throw it in there now.
Thanks for the suggestion and thanks to @xmngr for bringing the thread back!

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I love Brining!
Should add moonshine’s and weapons that can’t have them, like excalibastard and uniques. Or is this gonna be just BL2?

Nice port/article.

As a side-note, a bit of this information is outdated and no longer available to the majority of console users. Some of these things are still “possible” on PC ( black weapons for example ), but a person is not going to be able to use/keep them unless they know EXACTLY what they are doing. ( will not explain ).

P.S. When it comes to console gaming, modded weapons are the least of your modding concerns. ( because most won’t ever see the light of day nowadays ).

PS…PS…No, I will not discuss the larger concerns… but like that famous Supreme Court ruling, I know it when I see it.

If it sounds like I might know what I’m talking about, it’s purely a coincidence. Just ask any woman who has dated me and she’ll confirm that I, in fact, have no idea what I’m talking about. EVER!

…but I do know that “Casual Carnage” is modded more than Joan River’s face. :wink:

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This seems a little outdated since they dropped in the loot hunt.

i lot of people think i have no idea what im talking about, and dont realize i was right until much later.
It’s PPS, aka post post script
I do in fact have a legit casual carnage, that I don’t even use.with bloodsplosions, i end up shooting the ground and blowing myself up way too often.

There’s a lot of information that I don’t have, so anything that helps to improve the post is welcome.

Dont pick on my just-before-bed grammar.

Was serious, I brine my turkey every year.

Dunno what’s the deal about TPS honestly. Yet I know that there is also modded stuff on it.

Anyway, this thread will be focused on BL2 only since I don’t have too much info on TPS stuff, yet both game share similarities by obvious reasons.

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Just realized that this may be a response to my post.

I was speaking of the Casual Carnage pic in the OP. It has a completely different barrell than what comes on the Carnage naturally and by the card details, you can deduce that the weapon is moderately/heavily modified.

In no way was my post in response to anything you had posted, only the OP.

I did the PS…PS…as an inside joke. I break grammar rules because I feel like it, much in the way that I abuse ellipsis…because I can.

In fact, that’s a “2-in-1” shotty. Has a Torgue and a Hyperion on it xDDD

That should explain the ■■■■■■■ HIGH damage. Has to combine the pellets from the Conference Call or a purple Hyperion plus the 4 rockets per shot that has the Carnage or any Torgue barreled shotgun (Flakker, Twister, Butcher, Teeth of Terra, Jakobs Quad, Tediore Supreme!..)

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