Gibbed and Modded items for Dummies (Don't be fooled by...)

Great, I’ve been wanting to ask about some weapons that i’ve seen while playing with other people online. Are these weapons that appear to have a blank, purple and white texture and have high fire rate, modded?

Quite possibly. The OP is a pretty good introduction on what to look out for. Odd or black texture, invisible parts, or a prefix that is incorrect for the particular type and manufacturer of weapon are all signs of modded gear.

something like this is what you have to avoid at all costs

A completely different things is this

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Bahaha an “assault rifle conference call”

That sounds like something a low-life masked nomad in the ruins of Old Haven would offer you down a back street, you’d probably refuse it on principle and then have to fight your way out through angry midgets


That Dubble Jolly Roger looks like the result of a stingray, a Balrog, and Megatron getting sucked into a tear in the fabric of reality then fused into one entity.


Waiiiit… I’ve never seen that “Serpens” gun before. That’s taken in BL2 - is it a custom-made legendary?

Yep. With the community patch out, the ability to make custom weapons, class mods, shields, grenade mods and relics was discovered.

Huh. I’ve been doing a little bit of that myself, but that looks like a custom material. How was that done?

I wish I know.
I would’ve converted the Florentine into a Tsunami, the Infection into the Defiler, the Veritas into the Crux and the Chulainn into something usable xD


Here’s a picture of the type of weapon I mentioned earlier.

yeah, most all times if they are a washed out “Blue” like that, then they are modded

I think that’s what happens when there isn’t actually a skin/texture applied to the model. And yeah, definitely modded.

Miss Moxxi’s Double Penetrating Trick Shot Practicable Vengeful Rightsizing Norfleet.


You know as stupid as this sounds I kind of want that conference call assault rifle lol. I wanna see how the hell that weapon would work

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Are non elemental rocket launchers legit weapons?The wiki implies that it’s possible for them to spawn. What I’m referring to is “Maliwan rocket launchers are always elemental”.

A higher level player joined my UVHM game and drilled a bunch of weapons, most were too high level for me but some were lower than my level.

I found two rocket launchers, one was a Vladof “explosive” launcher and the other one had no element listed on the card. Both were of legit rarity but I forget which rarities they were.

Torgue launchers should always be explosive. Vladof should always be elemental (corrosive/fire/shock/slag) or explosive. As far as I know, there are no non-elemental launchers. You can check the appearance of those launchers against this illustration:

The body is the part that determines the manufacturer. The name comes from the body and barrel combination, while any prefix comes from element (corrosive/fire/shock/slag) or accessory. A common Vladof for example would be one of:

  • RPG
  • Glory
  • Hero
  • Vanquisher

(Bandit and Tediore barrels have the same titles, so there are only four variants). You can find more info on titles and prefixes from the links here:


That Serpens looks like a Fullisade from TPS. prob is, actually. lol

Unfortunately I didn’t pickup the one with no element and I don’t remember its manufacturer either but do still have the Vladof launcher.

Looks like you got your wish :stuck_out_tongue:

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