Gibbed and Modded items for Dummies (Don't be fooled by...)

Was serious, I brine my turkey every year.

Dunno what’s the deal about TPS honestly. Yet I know that there is also modded stuff on it.

Anyway, this thread will be focused on BL2 only since I don’t have too much info on TPS stuff, yet both game share similarities by obvious reasons.

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Just realized that this may be a response to my post.

I was speaking of the Casual Carnage pic in the OP. It has a completely different barrell than what comes on the Carnage naturally and by the card details, you can deduce that the weapon is moderately/heavily modified.

In no way was my post in response to anything you had posted, only the OP.

I did the PS…PS…as an inside joke. I break grammar rules because I feel like it, much in the way that I abuse ellipsis…because I can.

In fact, that’s a “2-in-1” shotty. Has a Torgue and a Hyperion on it xDDD

That should explain the ■■■■■■■ HIGH damage. Has to combine the pellets from the Conference Call or a purple Hyperion plus the 4 rockets per shot that has the Carnage or any Torgue barreled shotgun (Flakker, Twister, Butcher, Teeth of Terra, Jakobs Quad, Tediore Supreme!..)

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the fact that its white rarity threw a flag or 2 :wink:

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Lol. One clue. That was the first flag. Then I saw that barrel and read the item card stats ( never really telling, but I use the Carnage a lot and know how it “should” read. lol.

its obviously fake to anyone thats seen a real one.

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Am I the only one who wants that carnage XD

Torgue Gibbed
“Dupe is not a fruit”
Hyperion pellets and firerate and Torgue EXPLOSIONS and damage in one WEAPON.

I actually got a level 67 Cobra as a drop- almost ignored it at first, as having heard so much about it, I thought it was a legendary weapon and not a unique…

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The Cobra WAS a legendary in BL1, a Torgue sniper.

OK, thanks. Having played BL2 before trying BL1, there’s still a lot of things about BL1 that I’m unaware of…

Yeah, keep in mind that things in BL1 to BL2 changed a lot…
Torgue made SMGs and Snipers, Maliwan made Shotguns, Hyperion made Rocket Launchers, Tediore made AR’s…

NEW PROJECT for the forum: “The comprehensive guide to accesories and its names” xD

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@xmngr this might help

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Thanks. My idea is to get the weapons with the accessory and its respective screenshot. Nobody has done that yet.

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There are variant charts for each weapon in the borderlands wiki @ wikia.

You can also find some great charts on imgur.

Found one, saw them already, really good guides. I’m dubious now xD

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Don’t be. It’s nice to have reference items all in on place and not have to search the entire web to find things.

It’s a good idea. Let me know if you need any help…willing to do what I can.

I have a 43 Corrosive Fastball that I’m pretty sure I got from a random lobby, it does not look modded, but it has a damage of 266,694. That’s huge, and it also feels cheap too, like I easily kill anything that would otherwise be very hard. is it modded? It feels too easy, I wonder if it is.

And this one too…

Try this link- it might answer a few questions…