Gibbed and Modded items for Dummies (Don't be fooled by...)

The very large damage of the Fastball is countered by its very small fixed blast radius, which is always 105. So, it is really only useful against a single target.

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unless you bloodsplode the ■■■■ outta everybody else, do its massive amount of damage. in a group, simply aim at the weakest opponent with it.

Excellent information.

One caveat though…

Many…MANY of the really hard to get weapons and equipment were absolutely plentiful during the great “Loot Hunt.”

Little Evie
Teeth of Terramorphous
Even Grog Nozzles flowed like water…I put nine of them at 72 and OP8 in a special mule because I KNEW it was a mission only gun and would come in VERY handy later. Even if just to trade or give to friends in need.

Then much later… there was the day that an individual accused me of “cheating” because my Grog was not a mission only gun.

The fella knew nothing about the loot Hunt. I explained but he didn’t believe me and dropped out of my game.

No big deal…but the point is please be careful about blanket statements about things like most Cobras being non-legit.

The Loot Hunt is long over…and yet the chances are still very high that a lot of those old time players like me who still love this game…have bucketful’s of totally legitimate loot that is now “really hard to get.”

I’m no saint…I am sure there are constructed pieces of gear in my collection that I traded for trustingly. I was naïve enough to trade eight…yes 8…hard won legendaries to a person who SWORE his level 50 Cobra was totally legit.

I’m sure the fella laughed all night after the trade but I’m not even sure why he needed my eight legendaries if he had the ability to construct whatever he wanted.

Oh well…I do know that I later wised up and realized the weapon was just too perfect to be true.

But I still used the hell out of it and at level 50 in TVHM on an Explosive Axton…it was the ONLY time in this game as a Commando I totally enjoyed using a sniper.

Oh and I see absolutely NO PROBLEM with smart guys constructing weapons and equipment to test…then sharing the results. It’s how we learned thngs about this great game…hell, how we are STILL learning about this great game. I personally would not want to use that equipment in a game as it just doesn’t seem “sporting” and where’s the fun and challenge in that??

It’s an unspoken rule that testing is the only area its allowed, and even then, we don’t speak of it. Like the Unforgivable Curses.

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I have a level 48 Grog Nozzle from the loot hunt that I still use on my OP8 Zero- it’s the only drop I got from that as I was still new to the game and didn’t have a lot of characters out of normal yet (and the only dlc I played in normal were Capt Scarlett and Mr Torgue)…

Can someone make a modded weapon (black rarity) guide?

What would be the point? They’re obviously modded and, equally important, verbotten on the forums.


i guess because I want to learn how to make them there is nothing bad about them… to be honest i think it would make the game more fun for me… but that might just be me…

Time to read the forum rules, then. We don’t allow such discussion.

Okay, sorry I am kind of new to these forums and haven’t gotten around to reading the rules. May i ask why it is no allowed? I am curious

These are GEARBOX forums and as such GEARBOX really hates it when folks discuss ways to do things that weren’t intended to be done in THEIR games, like using third party software or read only file manipulation if you’re playing on a PC (yes, it’s their game- we just bought a copy of it). There are undoubtedly other places on the Internet where you can carry on such discussion, but not here. It’s like walking up to a bank manager and asking what’s the best way to rob his own bank- not something you really want to do…


okay thanks… you made me laugh with that bank analogy it was really good…

Do u still have a slag infinity sub machine gun I could have lvl 50 or up plz


we don’t endorse the use of not legitimate stuff buddy. Sorry

Oh really so :slightly_frowning_face: Ok then I thought they were real

That reminds me though - Dahl Efficiency skins can now legitimately drop in game, so you might want to edit the OP with a note and link to the update patch notes.


Are u a modded if u r could mod my lvl plz

Banned, following previous warnings regarding requesting hacks.


PH has spoken

It’s almost as if they don’t read the original post, isn’t it? It’s like having a thread titled “Post in this thread if you want to be banned”…