Gibbzy's Gear Thread

Level will be stated next to item, see something you would like, drop me a message.

30 Mongol
30 Conference Call (corrosive)
32 Hornet
30 Impaler shield
34 Flakker
35 Impaler shield
35 Omen
30 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
35 Chain Lightening
35 Bee Shield
36 Blast Proof Bee shield
35 Infinity pistol (no element)
36 Infinity pistol (shock)
37 Infinity pistol (corrosive)
40 Logan’s Gun
42 Thunderball Fists
43 Pitchfork
43 Sticky Longbow Bonus Package
44 Deliverance
45 Rolling thunder
45 Hammer Buster
45 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
45 Nukem
45 Longbow
48 Longbow
45 Legendary Class mod (siren)
48 Bitch (shock)
50 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
50 Homing Bonus Package
50 Sticky Longbow Shock Leech
50 Sticky Homing Bonus Package
50 Bee shield
50 Infinity pistol (shock)
50 Sand Hawk (shock)
50 Sand Hawk (corrosive)
50 Sham shield (83%)
50 Impaler shield
50 Volcano (I have 4 of these)
50 Flakker (I have 2 of these)
50 Pandemic
50 Slayer of Terramorphous Class Mod (Gunzerker X3/Siren/Mechromancer)

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Hi could you trade me a slayer of terramorphous gunzerker level 50 and a bee shield level 50, it’d be much appreciated my gt is PaPaB1nG0 , thanks

What stuff do you have?

I have, righteous infinity (corrosive) and binary thunderball fists

What level is the Thunderball Fist?

Both level 50

I’ll take the Thunderball Fist off you…

For the bee shield and slayer of terramorphous gunzerker mod?

Just for one of them mate :smiley:

Oh ok, I’d rather get the bee shield :3

My GT is - Gibbzy E5 - exactly like that. I’m at work today and wont be online until Sunday (GMT).

Oh ok

It’s ok now I don’t need them :3 thanks anyway

no worries