Gibs or no gibs for (future) Borderlands

Obviously this issue isn’t limited to just Borderlands The Pre-Sequel but IMO it is something that should be addressed and given that TPS is the latest Borderlands game I opted to post this topic here rather than in BL2 or the original Borderlands or even Tales from the Borderlands although it doesn’t really affect it much. In Borderlands 1, havings gibs let you feel OP and somewhat more immersed in the Borderlands universe which IMO is always an awesome thing. It was also a good thing because it made the game much more fun/entertaining by changing up how the enemies could die, and you could see a visible difference between certain types of guns and or elements.

With the removal of gibs, guns seem much more bland even if they do have shiny effects and by extension the world of Borderlands seems a bit more bland. This isn’t to say that it’s boring and should be discarded, as I have invested a fair amount of time into all BL games regardless of them having gibs or not, but having gibs unavailable does limit the amount and type of fun one could have while playing Borderlands (series).

What I’m proposing is that the devs either release a patch for current Borderlands games or allow future Borderlands games return mimic the original Borderlands and have the lovely giblets of blood, flesh and electrified skull make a return to the Borderlands universe. While I know that having them removed from BL2 was due to them wanting the rating to not pass into “adult” categories in countries besides the U.S. (too much gore was the reason it would’ve received the higher rating) I believe that for the most part the player base likely already fall into that category so there isn’t much point in removing it to lower the rating.

I guess what I’m really asking and or the “Too long, didn’t read” version is should GBX have giblets make a return to the Borderlands and be like what we see in Borderlands 1?

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Had you going for a minute didn’t I? :grin:

Actually, no. The way you typed the title made it hint more toward gore than save editing. Also, you’re not dumb enough to make a thread about hacking

Him… maybe I ought to add a second b to the gibs or capitalize the second?
Well, you saw through it and although it is somewhat worded to hint towards the unmentionable thing it is in fact still a serious opinion. I miss my giblets of gore, electrifying skull and burning/corroding bandits (or enemies in general when applicable). R.I.P. (for not too long hopefully) my precious giblets :cry:

[quote=“ACNAero, post:4, topic:297609”]
Also, you’re not dumb enough to make a thread about hacking
[/quote]You may know that but do others? THAT is the question. -insert devilish or mischievous grin and or laughter-

Or just sniping. It’s lame to get a critical kill with a sniper, have your character go “Ooh the blood and brains everywhere, hahahahaha!” and the bandit’s head is completely intact, not even a bullet hole.

True, they do overreact somewhat and go “OMG SO MUCH BLOOD!!! LOL!” but we’re like "What blood? I’d need a microscope to see the ‘bloodsplatter’ … :crying_cat_face: "

OMG, just imagined what it’d be like for Krieg going on a rampage if giblets were back. SO. MUCH. BLOOD. Please make it so GBX!


I heartily endorse the return of insane, gory, over the top death animations!

Ill never forget the first time (just back in January of this year) that i witnessed that crazy, disrurbing, skull and eye popping shock death animation!

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Thank you for your endorsement :slight_smile:

[quote=“FlamesForAll, post:8, topic:297609”]
Ill never forget the first time (just back in January of this year) that i witnessed that crazy, disrurbing, skull and eye popping shock death animation!
[/quote]I might’ve forgotten the first time but I’ll never forget the animation. First time I probably was a bit startled/mortified that somehow he was screaming in pain even though he had no actually face/mouth and his head was for all intents and purposes a living bobblehead but it eventually became a disappointment if I had an elemental weapon like Shock and it’s crazy animation for some reason or another opted to not be triggered.

I had seen it before, but the first time i REALLY experienced it was it in the Crimson Fastness, about level 32, chest farming and killing, in the first main room.

There were a LOT of Lancers and i was using shock grenades and a x3 tech pool shock SMG.

There were some frame rate issues happening due to all the bullets flying and electricity arcing, and the shock death anomation occurs on a soldier who i am virtually standing over.

It happened basically in slow motion, due to slowdown, and it was so amazing / dusturbing to watch his SKULL FLESH MELT AND EYEBALLS GO FLYING OUT OF HIS HEAD AT ME BEFORE HIS HEAD AND BODY EXPLODED!

And the scream, of course!

I love it, i miss it!


Imagine Shock Gaige if we still had that…

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Is it just me, or were none of the other BL1 death animations anywhere near as crazy as the shock one?

Crazy… probably bu nott gory/gruesome as IMO it’s probably in the middle (Fire or Caustic would be very painful and IIRC EXPLOSIVE is the most gory as it pretty much always makes appendages explode and leave fairly bloody bloodstains. More so than just firing a shotty at the ragdoll although that was a good way to remove unwanted limbs from the ragdoll or leave a trail of dark red blood.

Also, swearing!

They say “G-damn”, “A$$hole”, and “dick” all the time in BL2 and TPS, but you heard “Sh*t” ALL THE TIME in BL1.

I miss that!

Eh, I don’t mind the lack of swearing but given the setting of the Borderlands universe or more specifically Pandora it does make sense that rough language for us might be much more common. Maybe have swearing be a toggleable option? Satisfy both those that love it and those that don’t?

Are you playing on PC? I’m not sure if these are tied to Physx (mine is set to max). I would have to go hunt for a particularly weak enemy to get a shot of one completely fragged (I’m playing at OP3 here).


1st picture is kinda giblety but just barely while the 2nd is definitely closer to the level of of BL1 but one thing that is different between those seen in your screenshots and BL1 that I notice is that you’re needing to crit with a sniper rifle to have it happen and needing a fairly large amount of overkill damage. In BL1, you really didn’t need to do much overkill to trigger it and getting a critical hit was icing on the cake.

Awesome pics, thank you!

Overkill ususally shows up as a total body frag; I’ll see if I can’t get a shot of that along with a non-critical gib.