Gigamind dropping mad mods!

I don’t know if anything is bugged and gigamind is actually the one dropping the class mods but killed him 5 times and got 7 mods!?! Within about 20 minutes too.

Warden has been handing them out as well. P&T are dead to me


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yeah, seems like every other boss drops something another is supposed to have. it’s as if instead of increasing the drops on a specific boss, they made it go into the negatives instead. moral of the story is, if you want something specific from one of these bosses, don’t farm the one that is supposed to drop it lol

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I just got 4 mods from graveward in 20 runs, was actually 3 in my first 10 runs. So much better than agonizer or wannabezero

Using Mayhem 3 doesn’t seem to tip the scales in my favor either. I get MORE legendary drops from some bosses, but not necessarily THE drops. Has it been amy different in you all’s experience?

Yeah gigamind drops alot of mods for me on tvhm M3