Gigamind loot dropping in one mooshed-up pile

Gigamind’s loot is now dropping (Mayhem 7) in one big mooshed up pile. In most cases you have to pick up all the items in order to get to the legenadry(ies) that are in that pile. It’s a big pita, since I’m farming for a specific item and already have a large collection of legendaries. Could the devs fix this, please?

I noticed that last week.

I was farming and 3 times I got a bunch of legendaries and they were on top of one another. If I didnt actually pick up the loot I would of never known more were there.

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Only tends to do that for me if he dies while he’s frozen

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I notice this once in a while on Captain Traunt

Ok, I just noticed that it only happens if I’m using Cryo Lob. Doesn’t happen with Hellshock or a different weapon. Perhaps Jeff59 is right and it’s only when he’s frozen. Thanks for info.

I’ve had the same thing happen, when he’s been frozen yeah. My Zane freezes everything so it almost always happens when I farm Giga with him.

Luckily (not not luckily heh) it’s not something new with the new patch or anything, it’s been happening as long as I can remember.

I seen this with the Lost Loot Machine as well. I’m starting to think the loot explosion isn’t spreading out as it used to do before 2.0 came

he allways did that… don’t kill him while frozen and it doesn’t happen.

The Lost Loot machine has always generated a tight messy pile that’s hard to go through, yeah :slight_smile: but what’s happening with Gigamind is that everything he drops goes to the same x,y,z coordinate if you kill him while frozen.