Gigamind red chest appearance?

The Maliwan red chest in Gigamind’s area seems to have a random chance of being full.

Sometimes when yah kill GM the red chest is reset and waiting to be opened.
Other times you wonder in there and it’s all black, indicating it’s been opened and looted already, or just not filled.

Anyone see a rhyme or reason for that chest being accessible or not? (and yes, of course, this is with a save/quit/resume to reset the area and GM).

I am curious if this is some consequence to the last hotfix/patch. I have the same thing with Gigamind and it even happens to the normal chests with Graveward, where you save/quit/beat boss and find an empty vault sometimes. Wasn’t an issue for me earlier and I did plenty of farming prior to the latest update. Overall it is a very minor problem.

What system are you playing on? I was farming him last night on PS4 and the chest was ready to open every time.

This happens to my Siren ALL the time, when I play Moze it’s always reset and has stuff in it. It’s been happening since well before the last fix.

This happens on Xbox, haven’t farmed Gig on my PS4 since I don’t have a lvl 50 char there yet, spending all my BL3 time on the X, BL1 mostly on the PS.

Re-opening cuz it’s still happening.
Even though the red chest even is days over, Gigamind’s red chest still appears to be on a timer.
Just farmed him about 12 times for an upgraded Smartgun, and no red chest to open after the first time.
P.S. Oh, and never a heart to be seen in this farm.

I have the problem with Amara, with my others it’s always reloaded when I exit and come back. Just a lil weird.

I noticed the lack of hearts and assumed all the boss fights are like that.

I did with Amara also, but these last 12 were with Zane, so who knows?

Just noticed I posted the same thing back in Dec :laughing:

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For some reason red chests always respawn with my Amara but not with my other VHs

Hm, and now it’s not just the Gigamind chest (which seemed to be on a timer before the event, as I and a few others have mentioned).
Now Kilavolt’s chest is not available after killing him a 2nd time.

All of the red chests are on a cool down timer for me. It sucks that this happens to some people but not others.

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