Gigantic list of trades

Here’s a long list by type. I’m mostly looking for Flakkers and Laser Sploders, maybe a good Storm Front, but if you see something you need just let me know what you have to trade for it. Thanks!

Gunerang XL
Disciplined Ripper- Gunner
Unescapable Devoted- Fire/Cryo
Standardized Carrier- Gunner
Loyal Sickle
Cash Infused Brainstormer- Gunner, Shock
Compressing Kill O The Wisp- Shock
The Boring Gun
Speedloadin Hellwalker- Fire
Riposte Impaler
Resonant Back Ham- Siren
Black Hole- Siren
Health Re Router- Siren

Venomous Nemesis
Double Penetrating Echo
Dastardly Maggie
Companion- Fire
Unending Magnificent- Corrosive
MOARR Linoge- Fire
Venomous Hornet- Corrosive
Expert Hellshock- Fire/Shock
Compressing Superball- Fire
Shocking AAA- Shock
Inescapable Thunderball Fists- Shock

Cash Infused Crossroad- Shock
Hostile Crossroad- Fire
Binary Mocking Cutsman- Fire and Shock
Disciplined Vanquisher
Arctic Dauntless Night Hawkin- Cryo
Handsome Jackhammer- Rad
Firesale Long Musket- Fire
Stark Destructo Spinner- Fire/Cryo
Tactical Sleeping Giant

Hawt Pain Is Power- Fire
Lucian’s Call- Fire
Negating Faisor- Cryo
Engulfing Shredifier- Fire, Cryo, and Rad
Burning Vulgar Alchemist- Fire
Engulfing Vicious Ogre
Hawt Rapchury Sawbar- Fire
Nuclear Damned- Rad
Arctic Star Helix- Cryo
Reciprocating Try Bolt
Arctic Precise Kaos- Cryo
Itchy Gratifying Laser Sploder- Rad
Overcompensating Bearcat- Shock
Rebel Yell- Shock

Redundant Face Puncher
Round Up TK’s Heatwave
Abundant Projectile Recursion: Corrosive/Cryo
Abundant Expert Trevanator- Shock/Cryo
Undermining Butcher- Rad
Premium Frozen Polybius- Cryo
Hostile Conference Call- Fire
Lob- Shock

Brawler Ward- 300% Cryo and Rad
High Spike Red Card
Bulwark Stop Gap
Rough Rider
Contra Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Aegis Re Charger
Recoil Rectifier
Survivalist Front Loader

Generator Tran Fusion Longbow
Large Firestorm- Fire
Cloning Hunter Seeker- Cryo
Fastball- Cryo
Epicenter- Fire
It’s Pee

What are the specs on the aegis recharger? I have a cocky flakker to trade.

Large firestorm?

I have an annointed fire Laser-Sploder (125% dmg to Bada$$, named, and boss enemies) and an impact stormfront.

Would you be willing to trade your nuclear damned and fire conference call?

Sure, I’ll message you later tonight when I get home for the fire laser sploder.

I’ll take a pic of the stats and send it to you


I’ll pass on the shield but I’ll trade you the cocky flakker for the hostile crossroads. GT: Jesse Furygod

Is that flakker elemental?

I’ll be online for a while if you want to trade for the damned and conference call

Oh. Darn it. I just traded off that Laser-Sploder. I have two other ones without the annointment and I still have that Stormfront if you want.

What are the stats on them?

I have a DP Laser-Sploder (radiation) / Stimulating Laser-Sploder (shock) and my Stormfront is Impact

I’ll give you a Laser-Sploder AND the Stormfront for your Damned since I got rid of the good Laser-Sploder you wanted.

Alright. That’s fine. My gamertag is Hunter0471

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Alright man. I sent them over to you.

My gt is RavenMock3r

Thanks for still doing the trade bro

No, sorry, just a cocky flakker.