Giga's shield question

First let me clarify I don’t mean his shield bar I refer to the little disc he uses for attack and defense. I was messing around with Amara builds yet again and noticed that when I shot him with my Custsman, hitting the shield, that he took significant damage. Any other gun the shield seems to stop. Is this some effect due to the Cutsman’s projectiles or something odd?

I’ve never noticed my other Cutsman’s blowing through that thing but i also may not have tried…

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cutsman projectiles becomes an horizontal laser once they travel a certain distance, the laser cut through everything no block no reflect

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Ahhhh I see, that would explain it. I was surprised and I hit the shield on accident since I usually avoid it.



“Fun Detected. Obliterate”


Nah they already nerfed the cutsman.

Pray they don’t alter it further…

God I hope they don’t. Nice having one gun to use, without killing myself, when mayhem roles reflect.