Gimme a refund if you can'tfix the bug

istill can’t access my gear page ima be uninstalling this game… fix the ■■■■■■■ bugs…

Any refund requests should be sought through wherever you bought the game.

Having said that, if you have submitted a support ticket, you should know that gearbox are currently working to fix things. Getting angry here won’t actually do anything to speed that up, I’m afraid. Fixing bugs is complicated, and takes more time than anyone wants it to. Including gearbox.


You didnt even specify what bug is happening. No one can help with no information. …by the way, are you at least command level 3?

LOL!!! Its like going to a movie theater and watched a crappy movie and you go back to the teller and ask for your money back. Doesn’t work that way

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ya i did and talked to support/devs still nothing is fixed

They can’t relase patches 3 seconds after a report. Patience is key.

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It’s also worth bearing in mind that most bug fixes need to be heavily tested to make sure it doesn’t negatively affect something else. I’m sure that no-one wants something else to be broken instead because gearbox rushed it out.
Some changes, (like simple numerical tweaks to skill damage, for example) can be made very quickly through hotfixes, which don’t need to go through the console certification system -which can take a week or two. Interface bugs can’t be hotfixed at the moment, I believe.


Your movie analogy doesn’t work here, because the movie is “consumed” in its whole, but Battleborn can’t be finished in such short time.

On Steam, you are given two-three hours to play the game, provided it’s not consumed wholly (depends on the game/DLC), and you can get a refund within 14 days - no questions asked.

So… Yes, it does work that way, even if we ignore the unfitting analogy.

@fri : I forgot Gabe the God gave you guys that feature … Darn Gabe

While I have sympathy for your plight:

  1. you have an existing thread. This was unnecessary.
  2. support just contacted you yesterday
  3. it’s the weekend

It sucks, but things don’t typically get fixed that quickly. Give them a chance.

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I didn’t notice this. @getinthegame1: Please use your existing thread. Thanks.