Gimp helix choices: Your Battleborn and You!

Battleborn: El Dragón

Gimps: level 2 right (Momentum), Level 3 right (Power Fist), level 4 left (Rope-a-dope)

Momentum - Why would I ever choose increased movement speed and cooldown over the wave-clearing, dps-boosting AOE field?

Power Fist - has a little utility, allowing you to close gaps on runners BUT Clap’s effective range seems to be that of or perhaps even more than the travel distance of power fist, that and it can be incredibly disorientating.

Rope-a-dope - what in gods name even is this? It has the jankiest feeling to pull off, and why would I choose that over an excellent initiator?

All of the above helix choices effectively ruin or significantly decrease the overall performance of the player.

Now I put it to you.

Please, feel free to share your favourite Battleborn(s) and their gimp helix choices, so that we can show the devs what makes a great character bad!

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To be fair momentum would be good if they did not make the other option so ridiculous

Orendi getting more damage on nullify… That put against more damage on her main damage dealing ability

Haha some helix options I would pick if they were on different spots

Phoebe, level 2. Shield recharge after teleporting versus slow field.
Can’t tell you how pissed I get at my fingers for choosing left from time to time instead of right.
There goes my kill potential right out the window!
None of my mains even take their left choice at level two, yet sometimes, my fingers instinctively go “Pick left!” for Phoebe.

Boldur’s mutation where he bounces back after using Boldurdash? Tried that last night for the first time and was like, “WTF I CAN’T DO ANYTHING NOW!!”

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I’ll just drop this here.

Montana’s Pumped Up versus Gatling Grease. The former gives you +360 max health while the later…removes the spin-up time on Monty’s mini-gun. Wait, what? I can either have extra survivability or shoot a second quicker, which I can do by holding right-click before I enter an engagement? Yeah, hard choice that.


It’s really funny how there are characters with just so many highly underpowered helix choices. And then there are Helix levels where two (or even 3) really good helix choices are grouped together making you wish they would shift to other levels that are lacking. Also, droppin this here since it’s kinda the same subject.

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I always pick the spin-up in PVE. I don’t feel like Montana needs even more survivability in that mode.

He does for me. Even with the extra health, I still have to rely on my teammates to revive me in PVE sometimes…