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Hi, (GIT)r-man here with my new forum username. :slight_smile:
Thought I’d copy/paste my map threads here before the old forums go down the plug-hole for good.

Valley of Death:-

The story is this:

The Valley of Death is controlled by the upper city high on the cliffs but has been taken over by hostile enemies, cutting off the folk in the lower city from access to the rest of Pandora.
The only way to the city is through the valley crawling with bandits, alien scum and those pesky crimson lance.

There are allot of secret places and hidden chests in this map, so if you like exploring and finding easter eggs this map might be for you
It also comes with it’s own PT2 (called ‘loot the valley’) so when you get to the end of the map you can replay it from any of 3 locations with different & tougher enemy types, new missions & locations & chests (allot of awesome chests).

You’ll need all 4 DLCs to play as it uses assets from them all, and the Oasis map hub to load into mapslot 9.
The path for the files is self explanatory in the rar so as long as you put the 3 files in the right place mapslot 9 in the hub should take you there…enjoy.

There are 4 versions that all play the same but have various visual differences.

Ultimate version: For modern beast computers with oodles of ram (8GB+) and a modern recent ninja gfx card
Installer - Nexus - Mediafire
Rar - Google - Gamebanana

Badass version : For modern computers with lots of ram (4GB+) & reasonably recent graphics cards :-
Installer - Googlecode - Mediafire
Rar - Googlecode - Mediafire

Lightmap version : For PCs that need to turn dynamic shadows off just to get an acceptable framerate :-
Installer - Mediafire
Rar - Mediafire

Regular version : For older (pants) PCs and laptops, no lightmap :-
Installer - Mediafire
Rar - Mediafire

If anyone’s interested v3 beta uses map streaming to get the ram usage down a few hundred megabytes, so if you can load the other versions but it’s an unplayable slideshow or crashes you could try this version. It’s not the prettiest version as it dosn’t use dynamic lights & shadows but it’s the kindest to computers.
After extracting v3 beta to your Borderlands directory you must delete Mapslot9.umap from your Mapslots directory (Borderlands/WillowGame/CookedPC/Maps/Mapslots) or the game will crash because of a conflict with the placeholder Mapslot9.umap in the Mapslots directory. This is only for v3 beta because of the way I’ve set up the map streaming.

Download from googlecode or mediafire

Just make sure if running the ‘light’ version to set Dynamic Shadows to ‘off’ in the options before loading into Oasis and don’t change the setting during the map. Doing so causes terrain patches to become invisible until the map is loaded again or changed to another map.

and here’s a teaser video of a little of the gameplay (there’s loads more I havn’t shown in the vid). Music by Team Headkick

Note: To play co-op all players must be in Oasis before the host loads mapslot 9, this is because of the long load time caused by the large size of the map. Sometimes the host may need to load into mapslot9 then fast-travel back to Oasis before inviting friends to join him, otherwise the client machines may suffer a missing objects bug (save poles, weapons in chests, enemies, etc).
The more RAM the host machine has the better.


Set on and around a dockyard during an outbreak that mutates normal people into zombies, this map includes custom materials, meshes & modded NPCs that help you stem the zombie hordes.

DLC 1, 2, & 3 are required and due to the dark night-time setting it’s best played in the dead of night with low lighting or with drawn curtains and the lights off.

Here are a few random screenshots that I’ll likely replace if anyone comes up with better ones.

Made a short video without weapons or hud to give a better idea of the atmosphere than screenshots

The map uses Mapslot 26

Rar:- (extract to your Borderlands directory)

Doomdocks uses less resources than an average Gearbox map from the main game so will run on 32bit Windows (tested on my 32bit xp media center with 3GB ram at full settings)

Feel free to post any feedback, questions, screenshots or videos in this thread…and enjoy.

Maze of the Living Dead:-

A random maze crawling with hordes of zombies.

Oasis Transition Point:- 17

The layout of the maze has up to 7 combinations that are randomly selected when you start the map, and the enemies are mostly triggered randomly, so you may think you have the route & the zombie spawning figured out only for it to be completely different in another playthrough.

DLC1 (obviously) and DLC3 (for the random lance chests) are required to play.

The objective is to reach the vending machines with the fast-travel pole but due to the randomness of the map this can range from easy to hard.

If the map is too dark for you try playing in the dead of night with the lights off (it’s the kind of mood it’s designed for anyway)

Thi map has a very small footprint (uses less resources than the smallest BL map) and very high framerate (due to the simplicity of the geometry) so should run fine on any computer capable of running Borderlands without any settings having to be lowered at all.

The rar version for the ‘hands-on’ people can be downloaded from here (extract to your Borderlands directory)

An installer for people without winrar or anyone who prefers an installer can be downloaded from here
(if using the Steam version of BL point the installer to your Steam/…/Borderlands directory)

Enjoy & feel free to post any comments, feedback (good or bad) and screenshots/vids in this thread.

Borderlands 1 Custom Map Links HERE!
Map makers that need beta testers
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Hey (GIT)r-manface! Glad to see you’re still around. I love these maps.

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Glad to see both you and Nola on the new forums, hope to see ya around!

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i have a map that i wanted to know whose is its creator …

starting in a tunnel sewer-like

…gonna upload a utube video when i find time :slight_smile:

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That sounds like ‘Braindead’

Works fine in single player but in multiplayer only the host can see the enemies :smile:

Never did work out what caused it…

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ahah you’re the best, with only that description you’ve found out what i was talking about
thanks :slight_smile:

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Would it be possible to have a conversation with you on Steam regarding custom Borderlands map(s)?

I’ve taken the liberty adding you, hope you’ll forgive me.

See ya!

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Edit: Sorry gitface I was under the impression that someone else was changing the original map and I was a bit confused on that point. That in mind I’ll leave the rest in here and not change the thoughts/review on it as it is all just me. :slight_smile: Just remember that I thought that someone else was modding your map.

Welp, I tried the version that you are putting out there.

Just a note: I’m honest and brutal when it comes to reviews. Take it how you will and don’t hate on me for being honest.

First and foremost I am NOT a fan of people taking other’s maps and just changing them a bit. It’s super disrespectful so make your own stuff! The map was fine how it was. Just as the creator wanted it to be at the time so leave it alone and make your own.

To the review:

The load time sucks. The map was always like that though and you’ve not improved on it. If you are going to mod some map then at least attack that which hinders it the most. I got so tired of waiting on it to load that I actually went into the editor with the map and cut out a ton of useless stuff that improved the load time by a half!! I can probably get it down more but that’s not my job to do. I just had to get that load time down because I’m impatient.

Enemies: In some areas I was able to just run by or drive by before they were a problem. I’d open up their range a bit. I let them kill me a few times and found that they just stood around after respawn and I could just pick them off one by one. So it was easier to just die and wipe them out so distance from the player and the spawn points are something to look into.

The original map was pretty plain and it’s still that way. Again if you are going to remake someone elses map then at least do it justice by putting in more world and visuals.

From the beginning we get a vehicle then drive off. In that area it’s so dead and there is no life to it. Add more to the area. Better terrain, a flower here and there. Not just a crust of barren land with rocks to each side. Give it atmosphere!

Atmosphere is everything now. People have played the game and most are done with it. If there isn’t anything new then why come back to the same places?

I got to know what your goal is with your modding this map is. What are you trying to do?

Last note: Reminder I’m friggen brutal with reviews so don’t get piffed at it. :slight_smile:

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To add to storm:

Me and @HandsomeJackBoy tried playing it together. We are aware of the special trick needed to get it to work in multiplayer. Yet we were faced with nothing but critical game crashes either on load or shorty after we engaged in some action.

Even when we both played at the lowest settings. We spend a good hour or so trying out different things/methods to get things to stabilise, to no avail.

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Thanks for looking into it guys…I’ll have a look at the problems when I next have some free time (manager at work broke her ankle so I’m pulling double shifts)

edit: Updated the links with the most up to date version (Ultimate Version) :wink:

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Just updated Doomdocks with added thunder & lightning, easier to find chests buried in the mud, and a few geometry improvements :slight_smile:

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Nice…still a bit dark on the riverbank though…maybe I have my monitor set too bright :stuck_out_tongue:

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Prob’s. I also had difficulties looking around me.
Perhaps some subtle PointLights?

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lol…you found the guilty secret at the end of the bridge :stuck_out_tongue:

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Godspeed + your bridge = Initial D feels.