GitHub, Source Forge, etc

Do any of you guys use public GitHub or Source Forge repositories for your mods? I am thinking about doing this, but am worried about legalities. I don’t have custom ships in my mods, but I do mainly use a lot of code from Luke Moloney’s original Homeworld Classic mod, as well as other stuff Relic and Gearbox coded, which is not open source AFAIK. Does Gearbox Software or Source Forge care? Could Gearbox create a special license or waiver of some sort? The license I usually use is, “Do what you want with it, as long as you give me credit”.

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I don’t see how it’d be any worse than distributing mods the old fashioned way we did before steam came along, anyway.


In mu opinion, the most complete used to be SVN + tortoise.


I think I read somewhere that GitHub and Source Forge only want open source (FOSS) stuff in their free and public repositories. For private and proprietary stuff you need to get a paid subscription. Not 100% sure though.


Too bad Steam doesn’t provide SVN repositories. :frowning:

Phoenix Interactive use GitHub to have central place of 3 mods.

Previously, we used Tortoise (with XP-Dev), but this solution is not free. With GitHub, we have git for free :wink:

Are they hosted by GitHub? Are they public or private?

Private. And for public is on Steam.

And you don’t pay for it?

We don’t pay because we are an association with purpose non profit-making.

When Steam starts to allow paid mods, will you move to a different service?

I am looking at the GitHub for Nonprofits page, and I am very surprised you were able to meet all the criteria. Especially since you are enhancing a commercial product.

Steam delete the paid mods.

And mods still free. So, still on Nonprofits usage :wink: