GitS: First Assault - Anyone as pumped as I am?

Ohhhh dear, I was so busy drooling over Battleborn that the trailer of “GitS: First Assault” hit me like a fiery fist out of nowhere - Finally a modern FPS within the Ghost in the Shell-Universe! YAY!!!

As far I know the last approach of a GitS-game was realised on the DreamCast and later PS2, but sadly never got popular in Europe or US. The news they might do a reallife movie sickend me, but a good balanced FPS with my beloved Kusanagi or maybe even Saito as playable character = Fangasm!

I really like he look so far and spotted some nifty details (Togusa = uses a drone to comprehend for his less cyborginized body?) like drone abilities, targeting abilities (Saito?) and alot of breaking glass^^

Well, so all I need now is to rob a bank for a new PC…lets just hope they´ll do port versions for PS4 and XBox-One.

Any thoughts? Hopes? Fears how it could ruin GitS for you? Who wants to catch a helicopter? xD

It is online only, isn’t it?
Still I have GITS for the PS2 and I really like that game, dispite the fact that the non-Japanese version got needlessly changed in some regards. Let alone the awfull looking sleeve that doesn’t do the game justice.

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Yeah, sdly it is only online… I´m not the MMO-type myself, but I love GitS so much that I reall think of buying it.
Nowerdays I know english alot better, so I think I´ll get the PS2 game after all - back then I was just a starter at english and barely knew japanese, so I never actually played it ToT
Localization - kills everything xD

If they ever going to re-release the 3 GITS games that were released previously I would be really happy.

Anyway, yeah, depending on the system requirements I’ll make sure to grab this game, dispite being online only.

MMO?.. maybe.

If this is a Team Online game… then praised be “The number Zero” (if anyone gets that Tachikoma reference).

If this is a MMO, then I am super angry and will pout, as I do not like playing with people I don’t know.


Also, I genuinely thought I was the only person to have played the GitS:SAC game on PS2.

(Cough: Current Kusanagi champion)

Wonderfull! I adore the Tachkoma so much >.<

Same opinion…After I set up this topic yesterday I googled a bit arround and my former excitement changed to pure disappointment - as it seems it going to be an MMO indeed. I hoped they maybe had at least cheap singleplayer mode, but I could´nt find any info regarding such a thing…

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Always wanted to play it back then but never got my hands on it. Hopefully ebay can help me out there soon^^

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"Why? Why?


This has been a roller coaster of emotions for such a small period of time.

I’ve only ever liked a handful of anime, ever. But that one will always resonate with me.

Breaks my heart to see that it will be an MMO.

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maybe indeed… I like multiplayer as option (Halo, Borderlands, MassEffect 3) but I´m not so much into pure MMOs… I´ll stay tuned anyway, hoping they´ll port it on XBox.

Not just yours I’m afraid.

Too few people who actually played it sadly. Bought it blind myself but really liked it from the get-go when I finally played it.
Can’t stress enough that the box art could’ve been done better however, and my copy even has a cardboard sleeve with said design on it.

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You’d think they’d concentrate on box art.

For a series known for it’s artistic magnitude.

You know?

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I guess it’s certainly a MMO then?

I am sure that 90% of the quiet beard rustling of Ishikawa would be lost in such a game.

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Looks quite fun. I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks.

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