Give Attikus enemy location indicator on screen for pounced targets

One major complaint I have when playing Attikus, is that

it is very hard to recognize where the pounced enemies are.

Not only the Pounce is a radical movement skill, but also this game has a very chaotic gameplay and enemies are constantly changing their position while Attikus is flying.

So the general result is, the targets’ position are different as opposed to the expectation. You waste the target’s CC duration while you are searching for them, and the chaotic mess you jumped into makes the searching even harder.

There are other complaints that I have as well. His Shield and Health are not enough for lacking a Shield as a melee Defender. I still don’t understand the usefulness of Hedronic Arc. Any character can just quick-melee Attikus and escape him, he doesn’t have any knockback resistance despite his weight.

But these are not the topic of this thread. Please give him any kind of enemy location indicator on screen when he successfully pounces targets. I’ll admit, my skills are not the best but currently It is too hard to chase targets after Pounce.


Pounce is probably my least-used skill with Attikus, much for this reason. Whatever advantage I get for knocking enemies around is usually counteracted by the fact that it takes me a second to get my bearings again. The motion is jerky and you don’t always end up on the exact spot that you expect, along with enemies now getting tossed in directions you might not expect.

I’d be content with Pounce knocking up or stunning instead of knocking back.

I like to wait for players to start claiming those double thralls in incursion…


Pounce is his most useful skill, if your not using it there’s no point in using Attikus at all. It is hard to use it sometimes I agree but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it at all…


If you’re talking about PvP, then yes. I mainly play Story, where Pounce has much less utility.


I try to use pounce to reposition or finish, especially with the helix instant reset on player kill. It seems like a good opener but it’s substandard and a waste of stacks.

Well now that’s just the thing, early game it’s his escape and with as easy to kill as he is pre lvl5 he needs it, and after 5 then you’ll only be burning 1 stack on it anyway. It’s amazing for diving right into a wave with an enemy player in it, kill a minion, scatter their cover, stun someone, and get an instant replacement stack.

Atty plays like a completely different character after 5. But yeah early game I wouldn’t think of using it to initiate

Well in PvE it is a lot less useful to be sure but it’s not a big deal if enemies get knocked all over the place, most of them get stunned anyway.

All replies are undestandable, but in here I’m talking about the UI (User Interface). I’m suggesting improving user convenience for Attikus, rather than talking about Pounces’ tactical usefulness or other sorts. If I must mention about specific game-mode, this suggestion is for PVP.

Because Pounce does not support 3rd person view, Attikus players tend to lose awareness of his left / right and back as soon as they land Pounce. Thus they always look their left and right, losing precious CC duration.
Even reading situation of frontal view after pounce takes some time, because Attikus was just flying and players generally don’t move their mouses in order to see their landing spot. You don’t even have the luxury to check your feet below, because Pounce is such a swift movement to begin with. Actually I’ve never tried to look below during +100 times of Pounce, and not sure if you can even move your camera view vertically while pouncing, but that’s just me.

Might be easier for them to just switch you to 3rd person for the jump