Give Aways. Anyone wants these?

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Hi there @Aphasia5, I’d really like that phasezerker and brawler ward for my Amara. Please send me an invite, saito282. I’ll be online tomorrow evening to accept the invite. Cheers!

sure thing

I’ve mailed over the items



Got some new stuff to give away

Hi there @Aphasia5 pls can i get Deadeye unforgiving ask me for anything :raised_hands:

My epic games account is R_X505
I will be online all the time

Sure thing, i’ve sent you a friend request :slight_smile:

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I wish you were on Xbox… That friend bot is kinda cool. +4 yawp without having to pay into the master tree is really nice

ty man i dont need it anymore


do u still have the “Kill o the Wisp”? I would take it :slight_smile:

add me: Dayhawk93

I should have it, i’ll add you in and mail it to you later :slight_smile:

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I’d take the Grave off your hands to try it out if you’d like

IGN: Tuckeren48

I’ll take the Cutpurse artifact please. Epic GT: Nivro

Thank you

OK I’ll add you in and sent It later when I’m home

Sure thing, I’ll add you and sent it over when I’m online

Dude, I’m so sorry the Cutpurse artifact I don’t seem to have it anymore. Sorry man. If I find another whilst farming I’ll send it your way

Tuck My IGN is: Kazikate