Give fl4k lifesteal

Fl4k is the squishiest VH and he’s the only one that doesn’t have lifesteal it’s not fair but we did get purple tree to help compensate for no lifesteal which is nice because big shields = big survivability but I still want lifesteal


How dare you bring this filthy casual hogwash to my great FL4K forum?!Begone noob! Return to the dark depths from whence ye came, and never return to this most sacred land, with your temptation of “lifeSteal” for the weak willed among us. THERE ARE NO SUCH COWARDS IN THE FL4K PAK.


Use the pets that give health? Or use an artifact that gives melee life steal?

So many options

Fl4k has Lifesteal anoint. Ez Pz.

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Fl4k is based around not getting hits instead of tanking/healing over hits. If you play fl4k like amara or zane youre playing them wrong. There is also plenty of gear options to boost healing, my personal favorite is the Otto Idol


More or less my first impulse put into words.

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i actually enjoy that about him

lifesteal is just extremly cheese

you can specc for lifesteal tho, just not for everything (means either knifedrain melee or innate lifesteal weapons)



Fl4k is Death

I honestly felt like this “Fl4k needs life steal” narrative was so old and worn out that it didn’t warrant a response.

Fl4k does not need life steal. Let’s move on and hope the devs do too LOL.


Just so everyone knows, this was a troll post. I know LHJ on discord, and he didn’t actually intend to post this. I wanted to play along and posted my initial response in jest but it seems like people are actually taking this post seriously (which I guess is indicative of how pervasive this thought process is).

This is a joke though. It was laid on kind of heavily XD


I thought it felt a bit . . . Personal?!

Reading it in retrospect it was a fine jest.

But seriously though I want the “fla bad” principle to “return to the dark depths from whence it came”.


tediore sucks


OMG a wild Rat returns once more!

How has your one minute of borderlands related interaction been for this month?


I still have a bad habit of reading all hotfix notes to see if FL4K ever gets actual fixes to the broken stuff


same. idk why we keep doing this…

well, see ya in another 6 months Rat. Enjoy your vacation in Brazil

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Assault rifles suck

Dammit, I hate it when I miss “obvious troll is obvious.”

Let’s be honest though - at least there was some activity on the Fl4k forums LOL

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Ase 30% lifesteal on a raak build would work.

Just use a Hail or Crit, top shelf damage, high crit bonuses for nice Megavore synergy and support a local entrepreneur to obtain.


I just use health regen, health stacking with Ultra and then try to kill as fast as possible.