Give fl4k's pets Two F4ng

i mean i know it wouldnt be a huge buff(and many of the pets it wouldnt affect at all) but it would be a nice buff(even if its a small buff for some of the pets) just to have, might be very strong for Ion Loader bot though but considering how weak FL4K is right now compared to other characters it wouldnt be close to being OP just making FL4K slightly stronger

there any other abilities you think fl4k has but fl4k’s pets currrently dont have? it would be more interesting if there were more skills that affected both fl4k and fl4k’s pets


Sure. Why not.


It could effect all pets if it simply applied to pet attacks, rather than pet guns only. Still, pets would need to be better in the first place.


that could work, i think FL4K does have a number of abilities that the pet could also benefit from, stuff like leave no trace for ranged pets(especially combined with skills like throatripper could be helpful so your pet can shoot more), head count could be very helpful if given to pets, galactic shadow could work too, hidden machine would be very helpful for the pet because either way someone is getting that 30% damage bonus

especially skills in orange/green also affecting the pet could make the pet better there, i think the pet is good enough if you already go down blue and purple so those skills dont need to be changed too much imo(well apart from half of purple still not working because its bugged that obviously needs to be fixed)


Does infernal wish work if used with the purple tree shield skill?

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It would be cute. But its so unnecessary lol
Just fix the bugs and we good lol