Give kleese a Dr. Robotnic skin

(dritsko) #1

I just want to put the idea out there for you guys to read pls take this idea from me

(Gerard HDZ) #2

I honestly doubt they could do this considering that Dr. Robotnik is a licensed character, unless Sega paid them or something

(Where's lucky?) #3

All the yes and more yes, please do this gearbox

(Tuba24) #4

Parodies are an amazing way around copyrights just saying. Doesn’t have to be robotnik exactly just gotta be enough that we know it’s meant to be the egg man.

Call it the h8r of hedgehogs skin

(Kennysded) #5

I love that you said robotnik not eggman. I support this retro skin.

(dritsko) #6

It’s how i remember him.

(Tremadog102) #7

I’m sure he will be countered hard by all blue costumed Orendis as a result.


He really needs a Hubert Farnsworth in his recliner skin from the Futurama episode Roswell that ends well.

(vinsklortho) #9

I want a Kleese M.O.D.O.K. skin. :stuck_out_tongue:


“I HATE that Magnus!”

But yeah I’m totally all for this.

(stalrok) #11

I think with his imaginary cat taunt he really needs a Dr. Claw from inspector Gadget skin for him.