Give me a reason NOT to use an Eddie

It does the following:

  1. Additional shield capacity.
  2. Additional air control.
  3. Additional laser damage.
  4. Randomly shocks nearby enemies when damaged.
  5. Randomly heals you.
  6. Randomly restores your shields. (This in particular seems to proc A LOT, and usually just when you need it.)
  7. Randomly drops health vials and ammo (and really small amounts of money) when you get kills.

Outside ultra-specialized builds (melee builds built around a Maylay Shield where you don’t want your shields restored, for instance), why would you use anything else? It just does so many different things, both on offense and especially on defense, that it clearly outclasses any other Oz Kit, IMHO, and probably is the most powerful item in the game overall.

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The only thing I switch my Eddie for is a higher level Eddie.


Eddie is too much of a crutch for bad game play. If you’re playing well, you won’t need Eddie and if you aren’t playing well, you’ll never know because Eddie is far too active with his support duties.

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I barely use an EDD1.E on my Claptrap, I stick with a Bomber Kit with him. Also, if you have enough survivability with your build and you barely use lasers, you’re way better off using a Tranquility, Duality or an Acrobat oz kit. The Ack Ack is also great. The EDD1.E is amazing, but for non-laser load-outs, I use other oz kits way more.

That’s not really a reason not to use it, though. You’re basically saying “Eddie is easy mode and a real man handicaps himself by using something else”, which just confirms my opinion that it’s very powerful.

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Eddie is more or less the Bone of the Ancients of TPS.

I am pretty much all 3dd1.e all the time.

I did switch to a Juggernaut oz kit for the BA Holodome round at one point, for the extra resistances.

I have not thought about that since I’ve been playing the Clappy DLC.

I may need to try the Juggernaut in the arena and see what I think.

Even the Bone of the Ancients didn’t dominate the way Eddie does. For instance, the Sheriff’s Badge was a better choice for most pistol-based builds.

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Well, that’s just my biggest grievance with the Eddie. But if you wanted something a bit more constructive I would say that it’s better to specialize rather than go for general boosts.

Strafing Run, Bomber, Clear Skies, Juggernaut, and Tranquility can outperform Eddie. Eddie is good for laser builds, or if you simply like to ignore healing and shield skills in your builds.

Oh, since I made an Eddie thread, I thought I should point this out here: You can now get two Daleks to spawn per run if you locked it in, giving you two chances for it to drop per run. Pushing the console that created him (near the scanner) spawns a new one, and one will already be spawned in the bug room.

I would say the Ack Ack actually.
Sure, it doesn’t give the same survivability, but it’s the bane of any flying enemy and the firerate boost last for a short while when killing said flying enemies.

Does the Ack Ack proc against EOS (especially the flak)? If so, this makes a lot of sense since he’s such a pain in the butt.

Yep, Ack Ack works perfectly against him.

It clashes with your eye colour, OP.


I actually use a Hyperion oz that increases accuracy and crit damage with Nisha, because I want to stack crit damage. Past that… the Eddie’s not MANLY enough.

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Is the Eddie a reference to FO NV with ED-E though?

The flavor text and the name kind of seem like it.

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They are from my understanding.

I played nithing but Eddie / Bulwark / Lasers for a long time, but lately ive been going with more specialized oz kits for more synergy with specific character abilities.

For example, a strafing run oz kit is PERFECT for explosive / cryo Aurelia / Clappy using two scoops / flakker as it increases firing rate and reload speed for those slow shotties.

Bomber oz kits are pretty amazing!

You can clear out about 95 % of the game, even in UVHM, by just hanging back and letting homing cryo or shock grenades or bonus package grenades do the majority of your work for you, and you get a LOT of free grenade throws with a high level purple bomber kit.

Juggernaut kits can REALLY enhance surviveability in certain situations.

That kit that boosts your accuracy and crit damage while airborne can be DEVASTATING in low grav environments!

Now you’ve done it. The eye of Sauron has swung your way. Pray it doesn’t find your Eddie and nerf it for us all.


I like the 3DD1.e as a good all purpose com while I’m still not familiar with a class or haven’t finalized a build.
Once I’ve figured out the survivability means of my build, I go for the usual specialized kits (Strafing, Bomber, Tranquility, Juggernaut, Duality)