Give Me Feedback: Content Updates for Attikus DLC on lowlidev

So today at long last, everything has been discovered related to the awesome new Attikus DLC Operation!! While everyone is hurriedly looking up new skins, taunts and legendary gear that will no doubt spark many heated loadout discussions (some are perhaps even googling “Prometha”…), I would like to ask for some feedback from everyone that got information from me in some shape or form regarding how I chose to post/leak new information to my website, the Unofficial Battleborn Discord and these forums.

This starts with the classified gear card (Aria’s Encore) included in the #23 Battleplan, classified listings of the other 5 legendaries on both my website and through lowlibot, as well as the new rewards page I set up after some very skilled players unlocked the entire set of skins and taunts in less than 24 hours :open_mouth:

Note to self: You probably suck at writing polls.

On classified Legendaries requiring screenshots posted before being unlocked:

  • I liked the idea of classified legendaries being teased before they were found.
  • I would have liked the full gear cards with stats released ahead of time.
  • I would rather have not known anything about them so they’d be more of a mystery.

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On the rewards page:

  • I liked that they were not posted until after they were all found.
  • I would have rather had this posted as soon as possible so I could track my rewards (because there is a lot of stuff to keep track of).
  • I would rather not have known anything about them until I actually unlocked them myself.

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While the problem with the Lootpack Legendaries was out of my control, I would also like to know how people felt about information I shared about them. It’s worth noting that nothing I said was really beyond what was previously stated by @Jythri in interviews, I only started checking the drop rates after people were reporting not getting any drops at all. Hopefully when Toby’s Friendship Raid drops, the Legendaries will drop right away, so we shouldn’t have to go through a week of not knowing like we did this time round.

Overall, did people enjoy this approach to posting information? The goal here was finding the right balance between just leaking everything, but not being so restrictive that the resources I maintain become too outdated.

I have a few cool ideas I’d like to try with the next DLC Operation, but if people were adverse to this kind of approach I might look at other ways of doing things. Personally I had a lot of fun with it (sweating a bit when none of the Lootpack Legendaries were dropping), mind it wasn’t hard since Gearbox has given us such a fun little highly replayable DLC with lots of rewards!! :heart:

If you have any other feedback, please feel free to post in the comments!


Cool ideas sound fun. I left my opinion in the polls


Here’s my feedback: You rock lowlines. GBX, give this man a job!