Give me your favorite line

Battleborn, enemy, AI, in a match or during a cinematic, doesn’t matter.
Give me your favorite line in the game. Choosing will be hard, and this is why I love this kind of game.

Mine’s from toby : I warned you ! …Did I warn you ? I should have warned you ! Consider this a warning. Sorry !


Not really a line, but when the sentry kills you in incursion and then proceeds to do the jack in the box with his middle finger.


I was playing Whiskey yesterday and he said something like: “Let’s get this over with, I have piano lessons! What, I believe in self enrichment!”


I believe this is what you’re talking about :

I saw it on 9gag the other day.


Haha, damn sentry has to taunt us too. Smh.

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This is actually hilarious, and since I don’t play Incursion, I guess I’d have missed it :stuck_out_tongue:


My favorite line is definitely the Wolf Sentry saying “Self Preservation protocols suspiciously inactive” (Or something along those lines, I haven’t heard the line after the Open Beta! Poor me.)
I find the Wolf Sentry very endearing, overall. His interaction with Galilea is so cute!

Whiskeys taunt where he talks about clones and great butts (His, specifically) is also a fave :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Honestly this game is pandering very well to my sense of humor, not everything clicks (Like Attikus’ fart taunt) but most of it is very good.

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Seriously, I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. Also

WF: Whiskey Foxtrot is Oscar Mike. I mean, moving out. DAMNIT!


And when he’s asking if they want to go for a beer later, they need more of him. The other robot on archive I think it is comes out with some funny line about how his cousin Geoff gets to be a bloody spider, whilst he stuck there on a burning planet, I forget exactly what he said I was busy saving his ass at the time.

Personally, one of my faves has to be Boldur - “Looook it’s Boldurs backside!” whilst mooning at you. Makes me chuckle every time.

Definitely the best character
Wolf : what do you guys do after the whole “blowing the portal thing” ?
miko : we’ll mourn your death
wolf : sounds fun ! count me in !

What does “tucked in” mean ? sad because I can’t get the joke

I think it’s something like “my cousin gets to be a spider king and I get to be kidnapped, great”

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Yeah that sounds closer.

Err, tucked in means the bottom of your shirt is pushed down under the top of your trousers/pants. Or, if you were dressed smart in suit and tie, and the bottom of your shirt is hanging out all loose and flapping in the breeze, people would say “tuck that shirt in”. Sorry found that pretty tricky to explain well.


I didn’t even attempt it so good job. lol I’ve never been asked about that and wasn’t sure how to properly explain it to someone.

That explains the joke :smiley:

Any more amazing line ?

When you play “Voids Edge” as Deande theres an amazing line:
When Wolf asks the team what they are doing later after the mission and if he could join -

Deande starts to cry and sob while ensuring him there´ll be a big party, everyone is invited - cries - funny hats for everyone - cries-

Its so awwwwwww I had to laugh until the final bossfight :heart:
(Sorry, cannot give the exact wording since my XB1 only let me play it in german…bet its hillarious in the english version too^^)

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I also like the interaction at the middle of Saboteur with Deande and Nova. It changes but Nova says something about never getting to do anything then starts laughing and Deande goes “Mmm… spirited, isn’t she?”

For some reason it cracks me up at the end of the Renegade when Jailer Nyx shows up. “I’M COMING FOR YOUR F****** HEAD!!!” Caldarius: “Hmph… what happened to taking me alive?” “SCREW THAT, WE’RE TAKING YOU BACK IN A SHOEBOX!!!”


One of my favs is also from voids edge, when Wolf asks Thorn what she is doing later…
I can’t remember her whole answer, but the final part is “and then book club, with Montana”… I laugh every time because of her accent and way she delivers/says it…
Love me some Thorn!

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I like the fact this is different for every character,

Boldur says something along the lines of “Boldur should tell him…noooo Boldur keep quiet”

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Love Jailer Nyx all along!
Most that line were says to take back Caldarius to have more “fun” on Tempest.
Mellka (or Deande?) : "Fun?"
Caldarius: " By fun he means torture…"
Nyx: “DING DING DING DING DING - YES I mean torture!!!”

Bet that one is far more badass in english too…I start to hate the german dub -.-

"Hey Geoff, got some pukes coming your way that I’d like you to kill, and I also…
“I am Arachnis, the spider king, lord of all spiders!”
“No, not today, okay? You’re not a spider king. You’re an S1 sentry unit, and your name is Geoff.”
“Oh my god, Geoff, Arachnis, whatever! Just kill them already. Okay?”