Give Montana some love

There seems to be the idea that a tank has to have low damage, which only seems to be the case because other traditional mobas do it, but they have a good reason for that and it does not apply to battleborn. Size matters in battleborn, some characters like Montana are tanky but their disadvantage is their size, which often nullifies how tanky they are as they become easy targets for ranged characters. Some characters that are ‘squishy’ in a HP sense are small and agile, often becoming harder to kill than a tank.
Look at attikus! He’s supposed to be a tank and his damage is incredibly, in a point and click moba that wouldnt be right but in a FPS he still struggles

Montana’s damage is only specifically good against other big-body characters, thralls, sentries and elite bots. Its almost like he’s an anti tank, but that minigun is ■■■■ against skinny targets unless he sticks it in their hair and winds up the barrel to PULL THEIR SCALPS OFF, but some characters like Mellka have short awful hair.

Anyways, Montana has never even crossed into B tier, top tanks have always been gali/boldur/kelvin and used to have ISIC. Montana’s damage potential was definitely a nice feature and should not be taken away from him, even if its a law of video games to make bigger guns do less damage >: |

Oh also, Firestorm helix is awful, anyone who takes it is throwing away an amazing slow and they just dont know any better. Maybe give Firestorm a self-cleanse and wound immunity for the duration, would make it a lot more attractive.


I feel he performs just fine even after the nerfs. He is made to be a territory controller and he does that quite well with his Lumberjack Dash and ult. His Hailstorm does a great job by both cooling his minigun while also gaining accuracy if the right Lv1 helix is taken.

I actually feel is is pretty damn OP still. I main him out of sheer “if you ■■■■ beat’em, join’em” attitude and being dominated in the past by Montana. The only map I have trouble with him is Monuments because of the sniper perch, other than that, you can just duck a corner if your being focused. I also run all health regen on him so I’m ALWAYS in the fight with about ~35 health/second XD


Montana does NOT need more buffs.


I’d say he’s in a good spot at the moment, let’s give things a chance to settle before we see start our latest crusades on here


It’s just a ploy
@dwarfurious wants Montana to be the new OP to shift focus off Boldur
I see through your game dwarf

all seriousness I think Montana is in a good spot but his helix could use some work like a lot of characters for that matter


Montana is fine IMO. He’s a huge target, but Hailstorm grants him damage reduction on a medium cooldown, he’s got his dash to escape, and his height gives him great vantage on crit spots. He shreds thralls, can blast minion waves in a group with either L2 or M2, has regen (more than ISIC can say), and Firestorm can work just fine if you’re speccing damage.
He’s my second most played character, behind Mellka (I know, very different), and honestly I’m glad he got slight nerf.
I played him a bunch the past couple days to test him out and you know what I love, now, I find myself using his alternate fire for the first time!
I pace my shots, and have to be more careful when deciding to do sustained vs. burst fire.
Now, he’s not invulnerable like Boldur and Kelvin, but he’s great for ranged sustained threat, and can close in for burst with Lumberjack followed by crit-city.
I love the big guy, I think he’ll be just fine.


So everyone is pretty much fine with him being a C/D tier tank in a meta dominated by gali/boldur/kelvin and probably ISIC and attikus over montana at this point? Because you realize that is the reality, he is the worst tank and has been for awhile, hes a joke ban and a throw pick in competitive. You dont balance characters based on pubs or boldur would be getting a giant buff right now. He is countered by almost all ranged characters in the game and extremely map/healer dependent. Not to mention how easy he is to box in and toe-trap.


I hear a very similar argument in regards to Toby all the time, who resides on the same tier; people say he is fine too though, and i agree. Just super sayian…


There are a couple players on PC that make toby respect ban worthy, other than that hes actually a good 4th or 5th pick because like montana he is heavily countered by a lot of characters, namely ranged dps.
Even this round of attacker/defender changes… montana gets 15% dr vs minions? but hes never on the front line to soak damage, all of his pain comes from the enemy team so its a very negligible addition.
Not to mention his regeneration helix’s are simply outdated, almost everyone else got huge buffs to regen and hes still sitting on situational +7 or +9 regens !


You could be talking about Toby here as well, haha; isn’t he the only sniper who is a defender, despite his role ALWAYS having been top damage dealer and wave clear? Like myself and a handful of others with Toby, i see some Montanas who just DESTROY the other team if he isn’t counter-picked; usually by building for crits. He’s situational, like Toby, but he’s FAR from in need of a buff, in my opinion.


Just some adjustments…

…like a lot of characters


Don’t know about ■■■■■■■ Attikus, haven’t played against enough of him with the new changes yet, but I would choose Monty over ISIC in a heartbeat any day of the week. And, depending on comp, would also prefer him over Gali and Kelvin simply for the sake of ranged utility. Boldur’s Axe-Toss haste makes him the fastest character in the game (excepting cloaked Pendles) for 15 seconds at a time, and he has an insane range on his dash–he can close with Montana with no problems, and his shield allows him to easily disengage. And don’t even get me started on his ult.
Boldur I would place above Montana 100% of the time in terms of pure tank.
But I like Montana for his versatility. He can help waveclear, he can harass with some good CC (AoE knockup is awesome), he can bodyblock, his R1 gives him utility even at long range; he’s awesome (IMO).


He has a large hp pool, dr, soft cc, hard cc, damage, range, and a small crit spot for his size. What buffs exactly does he need? A new level one mutation called "I win"
Also his slow is one of, if not the strongest slows in the game

Maybe a silence on hailstorm bullets?!


I honestly think Montana is fine. With that in mind I haven’t played since the patch because I haven’t had chance. Still he is a great pick all round.


I’ll give you that

Every form of his hard cc has a long wind up to it that makes it easily cancelable. If you want an example, try dashing at an enemy while a level 9 KU is watching and see how well that goes for you.

His damage is only really impressive at close range or against massive targets, other than that, it’s actually pretty mediocre.

His critbox actually extends to the area around his neck, and even then, his head hardly ever moves and it’s still very easy to hit.

Atti’s ult is definitely better, I’d make the argument for Miko and Whiskey’s slows as well. And if we’re talking strictly late game, Alani’s heavy slow at 10 is really good too. Not saying it’s a bad slow by any means, but there are some better ones.

I honestly really don’t mind Montana getting his damage nerfed, I just want a way for him to combat cc (especially wounds), not completely negate it mind you, but some form of resistance like an immediate self cleanse when activating firestorm, or perhaps soft cc immunity when in his ult (that one might be a bit too much, but you get the idea).


Every eldrid would love a wound resistance lol

■■■■■■■ Attikus is a beast but it depends on the map/mode. Face off and capture sure, less on capture since he needs charges. But in incursion hes still another pincushion.
Of course boldur is over montana, boldur has been the #1 tank for almost half a year now.

Suggested changes are to buff his HP regen helixes, as they did for other characters of the same role. And a buff to Firestorm, a helix that actually makes one of his skills worse (like orendis instant pillar) as suggested, Firestorm would give him self cleanse on use and Wound immunity for the duration (Fire cauterizes the wound!) Even the supposed “DPS increase” from the burn is a drastic DPS decrease when you consider how fast you overheat and ■■■■ shoot anymore, you are completely required to take the overheat helix and that cuts into your HP a ton.

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Some characters like Boldur are short awful hair


Those are roots, boldur is all natural.