Give purpose to actions

After much thought I’ve come to the conclusion that this game lacks purpose for actions you can do in game. This is reflected both in the practical gameplay and in the end game routines.
Let me elaborate.

We have things like melee, slam, slide, climbing. They are there to give a sense of freedom, but when I perform a slide I usually do it simply because my character can. It lacks a purpose. “I slide to cut the path of an enemy charging me by passing under a fallen tree”, or “I slide to make a target with an annoying mechanic like a shield fall on on the ground so to remove his advantage”. That should be my approach.
Same with Fl4k’s attack commands. You click, the pet does an attack whenever it feels like…meh… Let them jump the throat of a humanoid enemy to hold them while I line up a headshot!
Movement skills like climbing should be used to gain advantage over the enemy. Maybe let Zane (after all he’s done kind of special agent…) climb to places exclusive to him to take enemies from an advantage of something.

End game:
End game right now consists of reaching a target and kill it to obtain it’s drops. Be it at the end of a takedown or behind a corner near a save station, everything between you and your target is a waste of time.
With a reroll system for anointments and stats that uses materials dropped by mobs (with all due limitations like exponentially increasing costs) we would have a reason to do different activities, like hunting certain mobs in certain places where we never step back after clearing them.

Those things are in my opinion pretty easy to implement and would give more personality to the game and add a lot of longevity.