Give up on Battleborn being a Competitive esport and get it fun

TF2 emphasized fun over competition. Battleborn on its current path is going to die before it becomes an e-sport. I realize that the golden ideal is you get your team of diehard crushers and smash the competition, but the current matchmaking is creating waaay too many games of total destruction. People are leaving due to this (I have cut my play time down to bounce in, play one game for the off chance i’ll be randomed with a good team, get crushed, and leave)

Create lobbies of games that wait until they get 10 people. Start the game. Shuffle the teams before every game.

Also, the new thing of keeping the same team over matches is just exasperating the situation. If you play long enough you might find a good team that sticks together, but it means now the pool of good players has gotten concentrated more, leaving more of us randobads as prey to the wolves.


I kind of like being forced to look for a team. I’m incredibly shy in real life and this makes me get out of that bubble.
I play and talk with random people consistently now and it’s improved my experience by a lot.


I can see that being enjoyable. The issue is new players and investment needed to have a fun game. Currently, investment is too high for a new player.

If matches weren’t 1/2 an hour (with matchmaking and map voting and character selection adding on to that) a bad game wouldn’t hurt so much. Currently, it can be a long time investment for a rough experience.


The new matchmaking “fix” they added destroyed any balance the game had before. You used to be matched with people roughly your skill level. Now it doesnt care. Full team of CR100 with 90% winrate vs full team of CR1-10? No problem, sounds like a fair game to me.

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This is not really a problem with the game or even the matchmaking, but a problem with the players’ mentality. Too many are absolutely focused upon getting kills and upon winning, and this comes at the expense of everyones enjoyment. If you have already achieved level 5 in the game, and the other team is still level 1 or 2, don’t go hunting them down and killing them like vermin. Concentrate on the objectives, and give them a chance to catch up. It doesn’t cost you anything real, and they might have more fun and stay with the game instead of getting discouraged and moving on to some other game.

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That’s the big picture though. The game tells you kills get you a higher score. Kills are a bigger reward. Many people say they’d rather lose and have a high player score rather than win but have a low score. They say it doesn’t feel like a win because the other team “played better” aka got more kills.

Once they adjust the scoring system to focus more on the objectives, things built, things destroyed, minions killed, etc. There will be more focus on playing the objective.

I do hope they add a death match mode or whatever. I think people would like that.

People play this game expecting it to be Overwatch or similar so they have fun racking up kills. I’d rather play the missions and match objectives though.

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Nailed it. This is what Splatoon does and matches are much more enjoyable. Even with Splatoon’s current player base, jumping into a game as a new player does not feel like a slaughter-fest because they are usually paired with more skilled players. New players need to feel that matches have a give and take so they keep coming back.

The down side to that is then you can’t queue in a group or with your friends. A solution for that could be a separate queue, or mode (2v2, 3v3), for pre-made teams. Gearbox might be working on something like that was we speak but who knows if there will still be enough of a active player base by the time they implement it.

My initial comment didn’t really mention problems with people playing to kills vs playing to objective. Sure that’s an issue too, but it’s not what I was worked up over. It’s the fact that it’s hard to get a close (fun) game with the wider matchmaking. As people play more, they should get what the game is about. With ELO, you assume that the higher the ELO, the more they understand the game. And trust me, it’s not all about not playing to objectives. If your team can’t kill enough to get out of their spawn area, your understanding of the need to push minions isn’t going to matter much.

I was replying to @easplund. Sorry.

Id rather have fun compared to a strict competitive game. Battleborn can’t be a perfect competitive PvP because of many reasons. And for me that’s okay. Others not so much. I don’t think BB was meant to be as competitive as other games. And most complaints on the forums are routed around the unfairness of PvP.

I agree with many of your original opinions.

I’d imagine you can queue in a group, you just might not be on the same team (which would be a killer for some people) We’re too low in player count to have split queues, but you should be able to choose which experience you want in a perfect implementation.

This is never going to happen. But wouldn’t it be great!

I completely agree. My suggestion was more of a “would have, should have, could have,” thought. If the player base was higher they wouldn’t have had to adjust matchmaking in the first place then we might not be having the problems we are now (in terms of matchmaking). Hopefully after some patches and all the additional content Gearbox has planned the people who played at launch will return and new players will get interested in the game.

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On PSN i’ve actually had pretty balanced teams of low ELO’s and High ELO’s. It’s alot better mix up then when it was when I first started.

Also you guys just can’t think about yourself, because the high 5% like to play this game too. You have no idea how annoying it is to wait 30 minutes for 5 players, finally get them, wait another 30 minutes to find an opposing team, get in the match, finally choose teammates, then someone DC’s and the game is forfeited in about 8 mins.

Waiting an hour for a game that only lasts 10 minutes is not fun at all.

Waiting 5 minutes for a game that is steamrolled in 6 minutes is not fun either.

Maybe they can keep the new matchmaking fix for PC and asia servers that have severe wait time issues, but bring back how it used to be on Console in the US that didnt have as bad a problem with wait times.

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Hey OP,

Do not worry GBX said they are working diligently on having a Ranked Match Queue. That will separate a lot of the try hard sweaties from the filthy casuals.

Now I don’t disagree with you completely but one of the main reason I still love playing this game everyday is because this game has such a huge eSport potential. The game is super fun and super competitive at higher levels of play. But I agree that they can’t come out with ranked play fast enough, it would solve so many issues and be promoting in and of itself!

I stay in US tho and had it

I think I’ve been lucky since the matchmaking changed most of my games are actually closer now…i will get the occasional pre made team vs low lvl Cr but it doesn’t seem to happen alot

Was this in a Battleplan or some Reddit thread? I haven’t heard of this! If you can, please post us a link of the news.

And let me tell you, NONE of these matches were very fair. Not the wins, not the losses. Actually, the losses were more fun since at least there was a challenge.
You can’t see all the 23 matches listed, but I had 14 wins in a row. For the past three days I haven’t gotten a single one. Is it some artificial 50/50 W/L ratio? Is it now my time to lose 14 times in a row?

My queue times have been under 1 minute. My match quality has dropped to shambles. Why is this happening? Has something changed?

I’ll still keep playing, I can handle a few losses. I’m just kind of confused, I was having more intense matches before but recently the MM has felt very strange.

EDIT: My Loss streak has ended. In a total stomp win. Sigh.

I’m thinking that Battelborn could definitely benefit from some TF2 fun right now, since it’s going to take a long while to get the MM working.
I haven’t played much of TF2 but there was this one game mode where you had to capture a point and then people started swimming in the air and suddenly you were playing bumper cars or in a weird “king of the hill - you die, youre out” kind of thing and that was so ridiculously funny. I had no idea what was going on but it was hilarious. And I think wacky stuff like that would be right at home in Battleborn!

OW and HS also have these weird events. I really like the HS one where instead of fighting your player opponent, together you have to kill a very strong NPC opponent.

More “Tiny Tina’s Attack On Dragon Keep” and “Claptastic Voyage”, Less… Stuff that feels outsourced. More Gearbox! More crazy fun!

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