Give us a matchmaker and ranking system


Everyone knows how difficult is to find a good match in Homeworld remastered multiplayer. All normal games like Dawn of War 1 - 2, Company of heroes 1-2 and more have a match maker. Homeworld remastered game is a very good game but sucks without a matchmaker.

It may increase number of people playing because it gives us a challenging leader board.

Wouldn’t it be a little overkill to put a matchmaker on a game with about one hundred recurring players? You can pretty easily learn who is your skill level and who isn’t in a week or two.

Here, have some notes.

Mid level:
Ann hiro
Hero of Canton

High level
Ghost rider
ANHOH(something like that)

Just to start your list. That’s just off the top of my head so apologies to the guys I missed.

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The guru order

What a silly list, you silly! :smile:

Even games with as much as ten thousand concurrent players with average match length of less than 20min have huge issues with match makers fritzing out. On the upside if you lose there’s no (official) record of it and theres no stats but for some that doesn’t matter :wink: . Another suggestion would be to do comp stomps with people to see what their general skill level is and maybe go form there?

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To add to the note here’s a hint.

If they plow you they’re probably good.

Why do you need a list btw? Do you want to challenge top players? Avoid top players? Pick on newbies?

Also… oh come on ratamaq. Who counts guru anymore?

As an owner of DoW1 and 2 I have to say their match making systems have always fallen short, sure they may occasionally get you into a game but the games end up being so one sided skill wise it is not worth it to use. It is faster to set up your own public game and settings just as we do here in HW:RM. It is not a matchmaking issue it is a lack of people logging in to the lobby AND no indicator of how many of the people who are logged in are actually IN a running game.

Frankly I think the lobby should only show the names of people who are not in a launched game and not everyone. I’d rather just see a number representing the total number of people online vs how many are NOT in a running game.

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MP need rank system

A matchmaking system intertwined with a ranking system would be great. Look at how successful it’s been for SC2.

I think the only term for how big the difference in just the amount of players playing SC over HW:R is some obscure scientific term when working with atoms*.

*slight hyperbole, but only slight.


I don’t think this would work well with HWR.