Give us a reason to use different anointments

As BL3’s anointment system currently stands, players are only using the damage increasing anointments and are avoiding the rest. The rest being things like “On ASE, movement speed is increased by 5% for a short time,” which provides such a negligible speed increase that it’s barely even an anointment at all. If this bonus were something like 50% movement speed then I could see it at least having some utility.

With shields and grenades there is almost no point to using anything other than the 50% bonus elemental damage anointment. Same goes for weapons. Either you use 100% damage on ASE or one of the character specific damage increasing anointments.

If Gearbox buffed all of the weaker anointed bonuses or reworked some of them there would be more build diversity in this game.

Here are some suggestions:

  • On ASE, Movement speed is increased by 5% for a short time --> On ASE, Movement speed is increased by 50% for a short time
  • On ASE, 30% of damage is returned to the attacker --> On ASE, 30% of damage is added to your next shot
  • While sliding, fire rate is increased by 25% --> While sliding, fire rate is increased by % based on slide speed.

Those are some ideas for how a few of the anointments could be changed to be more usable. What are your thoughts on how to fix some of these underpowered/underperforming anointments?

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For me, the trigger should have more variants. ASE is only effective or best for Amara or Rakk Attack Fl4k.

There should be more triggers like “during active skills duration”, similar to one SNTL annointment that gives Cryo Damage. This way, people who choose AS with duration can effectively use the annointments.


The bad anointments are there to keep you farming for the good ones. I couldnt tell you how many times i have been farming for a specific weapon with the SNTNL Cryo anointment and got the weapon with a different anointment and just left it sitting on the ground because it wasnt the SNTNL anointment i wanted.

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I’d like to see more triggers divorced from Action Skills or fringe movements entirely. On Critical Hit or On Reload or On Weapon Swap or On Money Pickup…


ASE is a horrible way to implement annointed items.

It heavily limits what action skills/playstyles are viable.

If anything ASE needs to go away completely.


The only relevant grenade anoint is 25% damage on throw :smiley:
Shields are all pretty useless to me and I might just be looking for the flat 20% CDR
Weapons could us a lot more stuff but “after action skill” its boring and unfair for moze

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The only relevant grenade anoint is 25% damage on throw :smiley:

LOL nope! You should try a ricochet Amara with “On ASE End, bonus 50% [element] damage”. The bonus [element] counts as a separate projectile, if it is of an element which the weapon doesn’t fire already, which means another chance to ricochet.

The same applies to a crit FL4K build. The 50% element damage will crit, so you’ll have 100% bonus damage.

I don’t like element specific builds and since you can only carry 1 grenade, you are very limited xD
But I understand it can be strong
Maybe would do it for cryo with a Zane or melee amara
Or a radiation moze

I carry around grenade mods for all elements depending on what area I farm. Generally speaking though, atm I tend to use a Cryo or Radiation annointment because my weapon fires shock/incendiary and Cryo/Radiation do decent in resistances on TVHM. Cryo adds the bonus of freezing enemies too.
If I am not using a shock weapon, I’d equip a shock annointment, because shock is very stable for Amara thanks to Tempest.

Edit: I might add, as Amara you typically do 3 elements with 1 shot. So you don’t build for 1 specific element. To break it down: Weapon fires element X, Action Skill Element adds element X, Shield annointment fires 50% of element Y, grenade annointment fires 50% of element Z.

I cannot play like that xD
I understand it but for me, the inventory is for looting and managing, not part of the loadout
It just feels too clunky xD
Reason why I don’t continue playing amara
Opening the skill tree and changing elements just because some immune enemy appears…that’s not gameplay for me xD
So I always carry around 4 different element guns and universal grenades xD

I just change once per area really. If suddenly a shock skag appears and I am donning shock AS Element, I don’t bother changing and just sub-optimally tank through that one particular mob

Luckily there are options for both of us :smiley:

Absolutely agree

I don’t think that there should be any reason for “bad” anointments to exist. They could easily give them all more utility so that they are actually useful and worth using in certain situations.


I disagree that it needs to go away completely but I definitely think that there should be more variety

Yes, more trigger variants is great. Although, I am not sure when they will try to address this after seeing there are no new annointments from 2 DLCs yet many legendaries from them.

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there will be 25 new anointments arriving with mayhem 2.0, i read

That’s good news. Let’s hope it’s not underwhelming, like some of the new legendary COMs or downright useless, like Fl4k’s


25 more? Man that’s going to be a pain, can just imagine all that bloat just making farming a nightmare. At this point, I feel like anoints should just be drops you can use to slap the effects onto whatever gear you want.

ah, no, that was the mayhem modifiers
sry, my fault xD