Give us an IB summon class mod for Moze please Gearbox

I think it would be really neat if there was a com for Moze that transformed Iron Bear into a temporary summon, like Gaige’s action skill in Borderlands 2. Something with a com bonus like:
“Moze’s action skill now summons a mobile, minaturised Iron Bear, piloted by combat-AI. Hold (L1) while summoned to recall Iron Bear early and refund cooldown.”
I would totally use a com like this, even if it was not part of a ‘META-build’ for Moze.

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Moze is the only vault hunter I don’t use, part of the fun of borderlands is action skills and the crazy long cooldown on iron bear and the fact it’s not out long between time out and fuel puts me off using her. A death trap style IB with ability to extend time on kill and reasonable cooldown would make me play her, if they go 4th skill tree this would definitely be a good option.

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They should go crazy with Iron Bear. Let Moze summon two Auto Bears at a time, Let Iron Bear cause earthquakes with his stomp, Let dakka bear be an automatic turret if not piloted, Make the nuke augment do insane damage and leave the entire battle field radiated for an extremely long time, give Iron bear shoulder mounted weapons, etc.

give me that mayhem


if you want that type of game play just play flak. that’s what you both are basically describing.

No it isn’t. FL4K is definitely not that.

OP, you’re looking for the Rocketeer COM. It basically makes auto bear nearly permanent. That or Zane’s Clone is about the closest you’ll get in this game.

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FLAK was my first main, and he doesn’t play like that. The pet barely does any damage it’s more there for stat boost and revivals.


Have you looked at the Rocketeer cmod? It doesn’t do exactly what you’re asking for, but it is close.

“Chew 'em up! – Auto Bear now lasts the rest of the duration that Iron Bear has left if Moze gets out early. Removes any refunded cooldown for exiting early.”

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I want to note: that No Refunded Cooldown sounds like it should be a problem, but it actually isn’t because autobear then lasts that cooldown time. I had assumed you had to wait til autobear was done for the cooldown to count. And I was happy to find out that’s not the case.


Yep I was doing Rocketeer a bit ago and I had full uptime on it. It would cooldown long before my autobear was gone (I used Grizzled).


I miss her… Now I’m sad.

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I really want a god roll rocketeer mod but I haven’t found many great ones yet. And I’m pretty sure nobody has been collecting them.

+5 FitSD (or just no tcp) with +splash, +weapon damage or grenade damage, +max health.

Or at least let me pilot a new one while the old one is still up?? Rocketeer would be so good.

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Yeah I don’t have the one I want which is why I have yet to finish the build. I spent a long ass time trying to farm one during this event and didn’t get ■■■■.

I spent about an hour and a half and asked myself why I’m bothering because I had 1 drop. So I just did slaughter shaft most of the time.

I feel like rocketeer doesn’t drop very often at all like it’s some prize to get it haha

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Besides the skill rolls, what are you hunting for passive wise? I’ve saved a number of them; honestly any that seem like decent stats even for both amara and zan… i don’t even have a zane yet…

For bonus stats on rocketeer?

I’d say splash damage is a must. Max health would be great, and so would gun or grenade damage.

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I’ve never even seen a Rocketeer!

Plenty of Sweeper, Blasters, Troopers, 2 Raging Bears and ZERO Rocketeers…

Bad rng for me as far as that class mod is concerned. Haven’t even gotten to try it out yet.

I’ll share if I find a good one.

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Haha not even one??

I’ve seen a lot of them but they’re almost always like cov accuracy or tediore reload speed stats.

I thought maybe the drop rate was bugged and haven’t been super driven to farm it because I know the pain already of trying to target farm anything in this game lol, especially class mods, eff you Billy, eff you Tink of Cunning.

I specifically wanted one with +splash and +sniper but I don’t think I even got a +splash one at all. I spent 2 days doing Discipline and didn’t get crap barely even dropped Rocketeer at all. Also definitely don’t want TCP on it.

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Oddly though, at least once per day I log in I find a purple Marksman with 1 Redistribution, 1 Experimental Munitions and 3 Scorching RPMs…I’ve got quite a collection of these guys going with various stats lol.