Give us an online-offline-mode / vanilla-mode!

Pls gearbox give us an an online-offline-mode / vanilla-mode!

It would be great if you would give us an option in the main menu to select if we want to play the newest version of the game or the vanilla-mode on release.

Why do we need this? So that we can play with our friends without the hotfixes you made.

BTW this would be an interesting experiment considering how many players would like to play with your hot-fixes or rather play without them.

You could keep on reducing fun for your “balance-version” and we could play the way we wanted to and have fun with your game.


Ah yeah, and just to please survaillence: GEARBOX IS GREAT and BORDERLANDS 3 IS A PERFECT GAME!

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So people could play all the new content that they nerfed stuff to make more challenging without the nerfs? They would have no reason to do this and if they did people would just abuse it! You just want to be extremely busted as if nothing changed while grtting all the benefit and that is not something they would give players the ability to do.

I fear that they wont give us this option, as sad as it is.

Besides that it seems this would be more fun playing than what they are aiming for with