Give us at least one good weapon in the guardian takedown

The guardian takedown is fun and is only good to do once for completionist, there is no good loot. The maliwan takedown has the spiritual driver and redistributer. Why should people play the guardian take down more than once? For being somewhat challenging I would expect atleast one meta weapon/item.


There is nice gear in GTD, Smog and Globetrottr are great, both shields are good, the same with Lightspeed.

@GrzesPL I mean the smog is average at best and the other loot is not meta weapons/items. The redistributer and the spiritual driver are top tier and meta items you can get from the maliwan takedown.

I understand this is a radical notion, but I sometimes just run maps for the play, not the loot.


Takedowns are more to be a challenge for players that can’t have a challenge anywhere else, like a place to test our OP build

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Nah dude, Smog is pretty damn good on Amara. I love using mine for single targets. Globetrottr with a splash Moze build is really solid as well. I’m using a level 57 m8 one on current m10 because I haven’t gotten one to drop yet and it does good work.

Also, to echo other people, I enjoy running the takedown because it’s just straight awesome and is the perfect place to go test a new build out.

@ionscion those weapons are good but for it to be takedown weapons it’s so many that’s way better and out class them. As I said before they are not meta and never was.

I’m not sure that there are many meta weapons in MTD, redistributor is kinda niche and is mainly used in Zane. The other MTD weapons are all pretty much outclassed by others.

Driver, in my opinion, is outclassed by phasezerker. In the end though, if you enjoy using the weapons why does it matter if they’re meta? Play for fun, play your way. It doesn’t really matter.


Meta gear is simply what the YT creators use. It is very flavour of the month.

This game has not been fully released yet. We have one more DLC to come and, I would imagine, at least one or two more events to come so there is plenty of scope for all new meta weapons to surface.

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@EldeeFifty I dont feel like meta is just for YouTubers I think meta is what’s most efficient. If your going to farm weapons, pretty much what this game is about… Farm the best weapons for each class so you can be stronger.

@ionscion The redistributer is good on all characters besides moze. Its really good on amara maybe better than Zane with a ricochete build. Still top 5 smg after many patches and nerfs.

You could actually output more damage with Spitual driver and a elemental projector and many actually use is more than phazerker. They are both still top tier meta items after all this time. Everyone said the guardian takedown loot is underwhelming I’m not sure why this a shock to you.

Also I said in the original post the guardian takedown is great for fun and really nothing else. Pretty much a one time thing and most people dont go back especially for people like me who aim to have the best gear/annointments, god rolls etc…

I have to say that the game is chock full of weapons. Many of them fall short at higher mayhem levels and I am sure this will be addressed by the time all of the content has been released. Yes, a part of this game is farming, but tbh, the GT is too much of a time sink for farming so I am quite relieved there aren’t so many exclusive drops.

What is needed, however, is a decent amount of chests or even a full treasure room after defeating the final boss. That is what feels unsatisfying after completing the current hardest challenge in the game.

@EldeeFifty I mean there are casual players who beat the game and rarely farm… might not even play on M10. Then there are hardcore gamers who play all day looking for god rolls and the best annoints on every weapon so they can straight up destroy all content.

I’m pretty much in the middle or closer to hardcore. I have put some time into getting great gear and it’s worth it to me. I can blow threw enemies on M10 where casual gamers gear isnt good enough to survive a M10 takedown or its take them a really long time.

Same here. I have around a thousand hours playtime on bl3 (+50% for loading screen time), so I am familiar with farming. I’m just not fussed about farming that type of content.

the smog and globetrotter may be good…but they’re not “run the 20-40 min takedown” good. theres so much better stuff thats more accessible- and its not even a guarantee youll get one. At least MTD is almost guaranteed and shorter.

Well, I aim to get the best gear and anointments, but I also like to have fun and have a challenge. Right now the guardian takedown is the only challenging thing in this game. Which is why I’ve run it over 40 times already - I find the combat/mechanics fun and it shows me how good my gear/build really are.

People have different priorities, doesn’t make one thing more right than the other. I dunno why you’re being so salty about it lol.

I agree, I think if they made it so you were guaranteed to get a dedicated drop from doing the takedown that would go a long way. That way you could more realistically farm for a good anointment.

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totally. TBH it should be multiple dedicated drops. It needs to be worthwhile as a challenge and as a loot farm. having both makes a good takedown imo

Globetrotter is the only thing worth it as using ase or extra elemental crap or buffs spawns extra frisbees.

@ionscion not going to lie I am pretty salty about it lol your right people have different priorities. I’m not a casual gamer, I aim to have the best gear and not run a guardian takedown just for fun. Fun to me is seeing a top tier weapon drop with a top tier anoint and the guardian takedown doesnt do that for me lol.

For hardcore borderlands players it is a let down loot wise. The mechanics and everything else us super cool though.