Give us cross platform play for the new borderlands franchise!

Would cross platform play be possible for the whole borderlands franchise including all recently UHD 4K remastered games like Borderlands: game of the year enhanced; Borderlands 2; Borderlands the pre sequel; and the newest Borderlands 3? In addition, when I say about cross play it is between xbox one, playstation 4 and PC (personal computer), or at least make it happen between xbox (Microsoft) and PC (steam) please, Microsoft has politics and games already functioning with cross play.
And there’s one more thing make cross play optional like turned on/off, because i know there are people out there don’t want cross platform play be a forced/obligatory feature.
It really seems the whole community fan of borderlands franchise want cross platform play become real; give us this pleasure to play with anyone at any platform we want. I really want an answer please.


You seem to me making a lot of big demands


Not really.


I’m not opposed to it. That said, I’d be opposed under any of the following conditions:

  • Sony characteristically demands some special consideration, like PS exclusive content or whatever

  • Development toward this end slows down new content, bugfixes, etc.

  • Anything at all else negative comes about of it

I know a lot of people I’d like to play with, who don’t play on PC like I do. So it’d be nice to be able to bridge that gap. I know that Sony’s apparent take is that it harms their ability to market their console, but I own a PS4 as well and simply choose to play on PC instead (save for a few titles). I’m not gonna pump more money into Sony if they cut off the possibility, but just skip Sony and stick to my PC. Their loss.



Check out @DuvalMagic’s Tweet:


thanks by sharing it.

If you go in to the features when you find the game in the store (Xbox) it does say there’s cross platform. I at least on BL3 there will be some version of it; the being either Xbox-PC(most likely) or just overall cross platform (which would be awesome) :grin:

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I would just be happy about playing with people on the platform i’m on for BL1 :wink: Think they need to iron that out before they tackle cross platform

Question for the Devs here, is there a plan for which platforms will be able to play with eachother? I know Sony’s historically shunned any crossplay initiatives; I don’t have high hopes there. And I know Xbox has made headway into allowing crossplay, but it isn’t confirmed for BL3. But what about crossplay between Epic version and the eventual Steam version? As a PC user who will not be installing Epic, will I still be able to play with my friends who are going to buy through Epic?

i sure hope not.

You hope there’s not crossplay? I mean, I know there may be security concerns via Epic, but I’d assume any crossplay would have to be enabled via ties to Gearbox/Shift accounts instead of either Epic/Steam/Xbox accounts.

I hope not specifically because I don’t want to play with people on EPIC.

Hahaha, ok, fair. Fortnite was the best thing ever to happen to Overwatch; the toxicity definitely reduced after Fortnite got popular.

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I don’t play BR games.

I’d love to have crossplay enabled.

Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel are dead on Xbox one, Been trying to do the “Who you gonna call” achievement for weeks but there is NOBODY playing on matchmaking and I only have two friends who play. Crossplay would be a godsend for these types of games.

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imagine trying to get the “and they’ll tell 2 friends” in borderlands goty.

Totally forgot about that one.

Only need 2 people for that. Assuming you both have 2 controllers