Give us cross platform play for the new borderlands franchise!

I don’t.

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Btw they already said crossplay was planned for the future in an interview so yeah


FF11 did it way back then
FF14 does it too
More recently fortnite is crossplatform play sooo…

WHy can’t i have mayhem with friends whatever console they on!!! Even if it came out a bit later down the road at least let us know it’s coming!!!

Crossplay is more of an issue of getting an agreement that works between all said parties.

FF11 and FF14 along with Phantasy Star Universe had crossplay between PSN and PC. In the case of FF11 it had support on xbox 360 for only a few years and it being dropped was most likely due to SE not wanting to deal with microsoft’s red tape. In the case of PSU the 360 version was isolated because of Microsoft.