Give us Login Rewards

Warframe does it. SMITE does it. You need to start giving the average players more of a reason to turn on the game and (perhaps) play it. Give 1,000 to 10,000 credits. Give people some platinum after so many consecutive days. OR you could do it like Warframe and give 20% to 75% Discounts on platinum now and again. Give is a Commander Loot Pack. Give us a free premium skin for 100 days of logging in. Something. Beyond everything else many have suggested (Less grinding, revamped episodes, better matchmaking, Dojos, etc) to save this game, you must do all that you can to save this game from the abyss.


I don’t TF2 anymore but starting the game and seeing new items was very cool.

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Yes. Also introduce dalies eg:

Play 1 pvp match as a LLC battleborn
Do one public ops mission
Do 1 episode of story

Rewards variable.


I’m not sure about the log-in-and-get-free-stuff thing, but daily challenges would certainly be cool. Examples being “Win 3 matches of Meltdown” “Collect 250 total masks in Face-Off” “Play 3 matches as a Jennerit Battleborn” or something. Give credits, EXP, loot packs (possibly Commander loot packs) and maybe a small amount of Platinum for completing all three daily challenges within the time limit.


They need to addict us. Platinum would be huge but 2K is unlikely to relent, so a Commander pack for a win and a loot pack for a loss for your first match if the day would work. I’d still want 25 platinum for three wins in a row though


Well let’s be real. The queue times for matches would ■■■■ everyone over in regards to the time limit, but love everything else though.

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I´d like daily challanges as well as bigger community challanges, as we had in the Beta.

Maybe a weekly Community Goal with a bigger reward (a bit Platinum, Legenary Loot Pack or alot credits) and Daily challanges with a Command Pack as reward.


I really enjoyed this in Halo: Reach.

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Earning Platinum in game would certainly bring some people back and it would make the game even more amiable to non season pass/Deluxe edition owners.


Not necessarily, if the time limit is 24 hours. It’s a daily challenge, so matchmaking might make it a little bit more difficult, but not much.

Oh okay. I thought you meant like an hour or so.

No, no, no way. That would be completely impossible. =D

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I would love to see in game dailies, but I think a daily shift code posted on the forums would GREATLY help many different things in many different ways.

For instance:

Post a code a day on the forums and that would increase forum traffic

Increased forum traffic inadvertently increases players talking with each other

Players talking with each other increases community closeness

And many many more!


What would they offer in these codes?

Credits, faction/commander packs, skins (depending on how many they have made/want to make), platinum maybe, etc.

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What tier skins did you have in mind?

This could do nothing but help.

I firmly believe this enough to quote it for no other purpose than to make people see it twice as they’re scrolling down.


Can add Killzone Shadow Fall to your list aswel. IT gave a sum of credits for every daily login. After 10 daily log ins you had enough to buy something in the store (mostly drone skins), or you could save up more if you want to for crates that potentionally could give you a new rifle.

And that is next to daily/weekly challenges.

While a nice idea, I feel like everyone here is pretty firmly entrenched. We’d need to use them to be as effective as possible, and that may not do it imo

They’d need to add a tooltip in game to let people know to come here for codes, but I believe a close community with a developer shepherding people here would equal out to a larger player base.

I cannot tell you the amount of people I come across who don’t even know about shift, much less what it does and codes.

This is not a good thing