Give us new content already

there just simply isn’t enough content and variety. the game is bleeding players who are unlikely to come back. hurry up with the new content. give me a reason to come back and play. my 50 hours were fun but now its just boring and unexciting.

Edit: I am talking mainly about pvp content. More maps with some original or new mechanics maybe. Something that makes the game stand out above its competition. This game is dieing on PC and I think it may stay that way if it doesn’t do something to stand out more agressively.

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Randy V couldn’t give out the dates but said the first pack isn’t far away, also its been less than 2 weeks. It takes time to make new content.


In 2 weeks you want more content? I want balancing and fixes.


I find it absurd 2 weeks after launch you post this.


New Battleborn content? I’m still waiting for my hover car…

#GBX - where’s my hover car?!


Wait. They promised you a hover car? The Heck with new content or balance I want one of those. :joy:

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Asking for content 2 weeks after the release is just straight up stupid, especially when there are more important things to worry about, such as balancing some character and fixing bugs…


Half of my mind is occupied waiting in standby for Alani while playing BB, so i feel you mate, atleast to some degree.

Games still fun tough, my performance just went down the drain because of my impatience for Alani :frowning:



Least you could do is say “please”, man. New content is being worked on and we’ll get it when it’s ready to go. Patience, friend.


[quote=“ArmoredElder, post:10, topic:1454812, full:true”]. Patience, friend.

I’m not your fwiend, guy.


Let’s talk about the game everyone, let’s not talk about each other and no more insults, snark, or sarcasm.


I will admit however the game could/should have released with a little more content than it did. I’ve been playing almost every night since release and I’ll admit I’m starting to get bored. Probably would have helped if I had any friends to play this with. Been nothing but randos almost this entire time.

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I paid $70 for this game. Yeah I expected more out of the box or very quickly after release. Sorry most of you seem to be okay paying premium price for a lack of content. There needs to be more. The community on pc is already small and only bleeding more and more. Two maps on a largely pvp based game. Yeah I want more content now. 2 weeks or not get moving gearbox.


There will be more, just be patient and stop complaining, that won’t get you anywhere.

What lack of content? I’ve paid full price for games with much less content than BattleBorn. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale comes to mind immediately.


I am always looking forward to more content, but I feel like to demand it 2 weeks after it first comes out is a little ridiculous. Most dlc content for games do not come out so soon. All in good time.


Yeah! How dare they not produce new stuff within two weeks of launch?? These guys are terrible! They obviously don’t see my privilege!


I still have characters I’ve never used… I should be fine until Alani arrives.


It takes time to create content, it’s not something that happens with the snap of a finger. Lot of testing and fixing that happens before it gets pushed to prod. The game hasn’t even hit the 2 week mark yet.

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