Give us the ability to reroll annointments

we could easily use eriduim since it has no good uses besides a slot and pointless cosmetics.
or we could require the same gun and merge the two like the grinder from TPS.
or we could have them reroll or let us pick by doing something else like fighting certain enemies, playing a certain way (using a specific action skill or element, getting crits, just using the weapon to upgrade it, etc).
or something else.
It’s hard enough to drop a good gun with good stats AND with a specific anointment but with limited time events it’s even harder which could allow us to only really get them during events or hard work such the the terror mechanic.
anyone else think this is a good idea or a start of one?


I also like the idea of turning hectoplasm into a currency that can be used to access the Heck Hole OR apply/re-roll terror annointments.

Of course this would have to mean removing 25 hectoplasm cap.

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I would be all for this, and/or, give us a way to “level up” the gear we already have farmed for hours and days for.

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yah that’s part of the reason esp since they keep adding tiny lvl increases but if they dont i get it since it would make farming new loot pointless.
thats why i’d settle for anointments only and not all gear lvl