Give us the skill trees for Wonderlands

I’d like a good amount of time to pre-plan my character. Please give us the skill trees already. Don’t wait until the last week.

Good news is the skill trees are out on the website. No calc, but the trees and system are out and I’m geeked because I can make an SL/SL Lock stapled to a Destro Lock and I’m happy.

Bad news is there is flat out… no Wonderlands boards which cough might not bode well for other parts of this palce.


….yet. IIRC, BL3 didn’t have a board until the game hit.

I guess we can make a more informed assumption after March 25. Then we may have to decide if there really is life outside RTT.

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Jefe, I’m a little insulted you’d attack me like this.


Some people are whores and need alternatives to talk to people about weird math that doesnt exist.

… also please pm me with any steam or discord things you need. I would hate for this ■■■■ to go away. You’re a cool cat.

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I didn’t know that so thanks for pointing that out. I assume this must have came out very recently.

I can see that they still write a lot of confusing skill descriptions. I absolutely despise the wordings “occasionally” and “sometimes” etc. because you have absolutely nothing to base your decisions on. Is that 2% chance or 20%? Will it occur every 5 seconds or every 30 seconds? Meh.

A few other examples:

Storm Smite - Whenever you activate an Action Skill, you will call down Elemental Bolts that deal Fire Ability Damage or Lightning Ability Damage to all nearby enemies.

Fire or Lightning? So how is it decided which one it is? 50/50 random? Or does it shoot out a bit of both mixed randomly?

Rebuke - Gain Damage Reduction from all attacks. Additionally, all allies near you gain a chance to reflect damage back to their attackers as Lightning Damage.

Damage reduction from all attacks? So what counts as an “attack” exactly?

Then we have skills such as auras with no mention of how large the area of effect is.

And what is “Leech Efficiency?” Does it simply increase the effect of leech from other sources, or is it a leech effect in itself? I suppose this one will be obvious once we start playing though.

Are Spell, Ability and Action Skill Damage/Cooldown completely different things or do they overlap in some instances? I.e. do Ability stats affect both Spells and Action Skills since they are all abilities, are they not?

Additionally, “Any increases made to your character’s Damage are also applied to your companion” is seen on pets. What counts as “your character’s Damage” exactly?

These were just a few things I quickly picked out, but sadly the game is probably full of this stuff by the looks of it. Having to guess how things work is a terrible thing in stat-based games because you have very little to base your decisions on. Once you’ve picked the primary class then you’re stuck with it, so finding out how something actually works after having played for a week is incredibly frustrating.

Any time you need to refer to websites and hours of tests by other players weeks and months after release only to figure out how the game works is inherently bad design.

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Vagueness in skill description is the Borderlands Way. As is the incumbency of players to figure the damn thing out for themselves.

Check the Salvador board for the last 7 years — and back into the murkiness of the old forum. All math all parsing all testing all day. Oh and by the way skill X doesn’t perform as advertised.

Yes, but in my opinion, this is due to a failure in game design. This shouldn’t be necessary most of the time if the designers and the writers of basic tooltips would see things from a player’s perspective and just put a tiny bit of actual effort into it.

Stat based games where you don’t even know what things do and how things work puts you into the awkward position of having to make choices where you have no idea what the hell you are actually choosing from.

No mention anywhere of how many skill points we get. The game releases in two weeks and it’s hard to make your build when we don’t even know how many points we get.

I understand that by leveling to 40 we’re likely going to have 39 points, but there may very well be quest rewards or such that give additional skill points.

Come on, Gearbox, give us some info so we can plan ahead.

Still no proper skill trees have been made public. Impossible to pick a class in a stat-based game when we don’t even have the stats on the skill trees available to us. Gearbox, release the proper skill trees already. Jeez.

That still doesn’t have the numbers on the skills. Only for some of them.

Can Gearbox wake up please and give us the info so we can actually pick our classes?