Give yourselves a pat on the back

I havent been on here in a while but I just wanted to see what the latest happenings here on the forum. I have to tell the truth been playing destiny for the most part but I play borderlands games so many times I doubt Ill ever get sick of 1, 2, or the presequel. But my REAL tip of the hat goes to these forums, their moderators, and the way that blatant anger threads and posts are managed. Compared to Bungies, you guys keep things in check while I havent agreed with everything everyone says, pretty much everything here is constructive. And the Mods are active here, unlike over there where every kid that comes along can be so disrespectful and all youll know of if a Mod is there is usually a ban. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to you all, and thank you for a great franchise while anyone can pick at anything in the BL games the games are fantastic. On a final note I was hoping someone could share word, from the company on any news recent as of 2015 going into 2016 on Borderlands 3. Please take no offense but I probably wont be interested in Battleborn, but Ill be getting BL3. No question. Anyway my thanks and good day :smiley:


Latest happenings on the forum (besides the noise floor of “my game broke” or “Battleborn CTT - shush!”, etc.) are probably the fresh batch of experiments (and build alterations) based on a recent game patch that seriously buffed a few of Maya’s and Gaige’s skills (among other things).

I personally am not aware of any specific, official mention of BL3, but maybe someone else can enlighten us.

Years back I used to be a mod on one of the Halo forums, this was during the Halo PC / Halo 2 years. Things can snowball into stupid pretty fast, but we still manage in particular due to our stern community manager. Overtime I simply lost interest in Halo/Bungie to care anymore, so I left.

During those times I have been called anything from a p&^%k, c&^t, gay, Bungie tool, Frank O Conner’s Balls, you name it. I wish I framed some of the private messages I have received over those years…good times.

I fear to even imagine whats it like there now with the post Xbox 360 / Playstation 3 generation.

I cant help but feel there’s a story there.

Not much, just me closing a thread where someone was insulting the Bungie devs about something.

It still seems delightfully creative. I’d make their ban message extra nice.

Its bad many people can say anything to anyone with little to no retaliation. It isnt just about the mod team being insulted when theres a issue like the one concerning the sunbreaker titan subclass which is about to be nerfed here in december people have so much negativity towards one another. Its just sad that its not being done much about.

Indeed, thatd be nice if @kitty jo or anyone has anything new to add development pics, art that may be being added, to be completely honest Id probably wouldnt be playing shooters at all if it wasnt for this franchise. This was my first in almost a decade, I was a rpg strategy guy all the way. Guess Ill have to check the forum for the build ideas going around unless you have a idea?

As moderators, we don’t get any advance info. We just help out on the forum, we’re not gearbox staff.

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And the only ones who get info are the GBX employees who are always in orange.

Nice to see you PH :smiley:

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Well just figured Id ask in case information at any point had been passed your way. But I understand.