[Giveaway] 49 Mag SNTNL Redistributors (all elements)

Xbox Zane Giveaway: We will be hosting a lobby with these items again around 2pm-3pm pacific! Join the community discord for info on how to get the items :slight_smile: or message a mod/admin/captain. See yall there!

1: 49 mag SNTNL 100 Fire Redistributor
2: 49 mag SNTNL 100 Shock Redistributor
3: 49 mag SNTNL 100 Cryo Redistributor
4: 49 mag SNTNL 100 Corrosive Redistributor
5: 49 mag SNTNL 100 Radiation Redistributor
6: IceBreaker Victory Rush: 17 SMG Dmg, 27 Cryo Efficiency, 21 Action Skill Cooldown

Bummer I wont be home by then.

@Kaiune join the discord and message a mod or admin. We will make sure you get the items man :slight_smile:. Cheers

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Wish I could make it. Sadly at work and unable to join the discord. If anyone feels giving and can mail me a set my gt: kaeichi. Feel free to drop me a message if seeking any specific items and I’ll see what I have.