Giveaway Annointed Siren Brainstormer

After Phasegrasping Accuracy and Handling are greatly increased.

If someone wants it hit me up.

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Hello! I’m down. I can add you (Dynavector or something else?)

It’s Dynavector. I’m not at home but I’ll figure out how to mail it to you later. I haven’t used the mail before.

What’s your name that I send it to?

Sorry about the late reply - was out and about. I’m Adabiviak, but I’ll add you in a sec, thanks!

I have a couple more Cash Infused Annointed Siren Brainstormer with + 300% weapon damage after Phaseslam if someone wants it. They other has increased Accuracy and Handlingf. I know they are not too hard to get but someone gave me a couple of good guns which made my day and I just want to pay it forward.

I’ll trade you that Phasegrasp one for the Phaseslam… my Hyperion Siren is built around slams.

I’ll send it to you and a couple more. I do not need them.


You bet! I’ll be doing a ton of farming during the Farming Frenzy and might send you some Siren gear I don’t need. If you want me to stop just let me know. If there is anything in particular you want hit me up and I’ll put it on my list.

I’m still looking for these things… don’t care about anointments or stats as long as they’re level 50. If you’re looking for something in particular, let me know (though someone else already has their name on any Carbuncles I find).

Seriously though, if you find otherwise trash Uniques (anything with red text) with an anointment, I’ll be your dumping ground. Kevins Chilly? Fingerbiter? Big Succ? Total loot bottom feeder here. :fish:

Pull Out Method
Chupa’s Organ
Hot Drop
Raging Bear
Spiritual Driver
Vosk’s Deathgrip
The Hunt(ress) (Is this a thing?)
Shooting Star
Burning Summit