Giveaway time guys

So I finally got my perfect 94% Sham from the BNK3R so i’ll be giving away a lot of legendaries. I’ll write a list of what I’d be willing to give away.

Level 61 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
Level 61 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
Level 50 Norfleet
Level 61 Fire Infinity
Level 61 Bearcat
Level 61 Bee
Level 50 Bee
Level 61 Cobra
Level 61 Fire Butcher
Level 61 Striker
Level 61 Hide Of Terramorphous
Level 61 Slagga
Level 50 Caustic Pitchfork
Level 50 Logan’s Gun
Level 61 Logan’s Gun
Level 61 Fire Conference Call
Level 50 Skullmasher

And muuuuuch more

My PSN is crona609 send me a friend request and a list of what you want and i’ll hook you up. ^-^

I sent you an FR for the cobra and I think you accepted it already. What time are you usually on? And is there anything you need in 61 so I can check to see if I have it. Thanks.

Can I have the lvl 61 double penetrating unkempt harold? I can’t play on the ps3 atm but in about 3 hours I can.

Fire confrence call
Lvl50 bee
Fire infinity
Please I do need it for assistance pls add psn: Bugpeanut

I’ve added you!

you still have the cobra or bearcat cause i`ve been after both a long while

are u op8 edge?

If you’re still giving away, I really want the Skullmasher!

PSN: ChibiDeathBringR Please contact me if you’re still giving it away.

(If you have a 50 Volcano, I’d also like that! )

what level are u soneinic?

Level 50. I’ll be picking up all DLC soon, as well.

what do you have for lvl 50

My psn is epiclytightmann if u can give me legendary infinity pistols plz add

Would love a 61 bee and infinity if you still have them